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UnCategorized Some young children are so withdrawn and shy that sometimes we want to cry for them. They have no sense of self confidence nor do they believe they have any value. You do not want to see your own children this way. It is not only important to make sure that your children have the confidence that they need to help them through the difficult younger years, but it is that confidence that is going to assist them through the rest of their life. Your positive influence and nurturing will insure a child’s successful growth to adulthood. By the time a child is 18 months old, he is an individual and has a separate identity from those around him. He will need lots of love and encouragement, praise of his abilities and seeing his strengths from infancy. His eventual temperament will be predicated on how you recognize him as an individual early on. Your child will grow up to be an active and balanced adult under your invaluable supervision of boosting his self confidence. Getting a child through their childhood years will be a challenge, but so well worth it. You will find valuable help along the way, if you are pro active at seeking it. I encourage you to do so. Perhaps one of the most important things that you can do is to allow your child to achieve on his own. Watching a child struggle at something is hard, but you can give support where needed, while still allowing the space necessary for individual achievement. Balance is a key ingredient here. You should also make sure that even the smaller ac.plishments do not go unrecognized. This can do a lot, not only to help boost their self-confidence now but to give them the desire to continue trying. One other thing that you can do is to stick with your child during the entire process of growing up. Although it can be frustrating for a child to struggle with something, when they have your support available, it makes it much easier for them to work their way through anything. It is not always the end of the race that wins the prize, it is running the race that makes one stronger. When you assist your child in running, yet give him the opportunity to run on his own, you really have helped him to be confident in himself. What a wonderful sense of ac.plishment we feel when we manage to do something ourselves. That is especially true for children. Self confidence secrets abound if you seek them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: