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Meditation Inevitably, when I’m dream consulting, the subject of Lucid Dreaming .es up. Many people wonder if they can easily have a lucid dream. Others are confused by the subject and are almost afraid to ask about lucid dreaming. So for those who really want to know, here are a few tips that will help you have a lucid dream in the least amount of time. The act of Lucid Dreaming is also referred to as ‘conscious awareness during sleep.’ When you decide you want to learn how to have a lucid dream, you actually want to be able to enter into your dreams and have a little fun. After all, in the dream world, anything is possible, and acceptable – and the best part is that you never get hurt! As you develop the ability to have a lucid dream, you can now do anything you want inside your dream. You can fly above everything and everyone; have uninhibited sexual encounters with your movie star of choice; be the life of any party, etc. And No, it’s not true that only certain people can induce lucid dreaming. With a little practice, anyone can learn how to have a lucid dream and start part of the extreme dream world. You see, as we sleep, our unconscious mind takes over and we start to think and ponder events which that we would like to happen, but probably will never happen in real life. As sleep sets in, you begin to dream. Usually at first you’re not aware that you are dreaming. But as you practice remembering your dreams, they will be.e more familiar. Then it easier to have a lucid dream and start participating in it. Remembering your dreams is one step to being able to have a lucid dream. This isn’t easy to do at first because the part of the subconscious mind that dreams has no memory. That’s why you need to try to remember your dreams when you are just waking up – or you won’t remember them at all. Another lucid dreaming technique is to try to have a lucid dream when you’re not so tired. If you work a normal week schedule, your best bet for a successful lucid dream would be early Sunday morning. Being less tired will result longer dreams, and you will have more control over what happens in the lucid dream. Also, the last sleep cycle before you wake up in the morning is the longest DREAM cycle, so it’s the best time to have a lucid dream for two reasons! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: