Pro dad ah! Game new! The sun women go

Pro dad ah! "GAME NEW! The sun "women go fat figure in the past – July, there should be a lot of fans have been" NEW GAME! "Attracted by the charm of the story and the kind of people? This work is adapted from the cartoonist to masataro with the original, and recently, the author on twitter are drying out their leaves of hand, the results lead to tucao. From the picture we can see that the author is released a packing box of photos, clothing standard inside leaf wearing animation, looks very lovely feeling. If only it is estimated there will be what users Tucao, after all, the author has its own character of works to do is quite normal. However, the author has released a picture, it was not the leaf lower skirt, wearing only a pair of underpants! This also quickly triggered a lot of users forwarding. Many people Tucao said: This is a pro dad ah! I love as a mountain!" "Well, I love you, the author!" Q version of the "suck ah, do a little bit when Arale wore bloomers feeling for life scale version!" So, what do you want to say? "GAME NEW! "After about just entering the workplace is full of expectations into the cool leaves your dream game company’s story. And here she met a lot of vision of the predecessors, as well as side by side colleagues. So in addition to drawing, no leaf, can make a perfect game? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: