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Pregnant women insomnia how to do simple treatment of insomnia women – the best Sohu do maternal pregnant women insomnia, insomnia the best treatment simple woman. Insomnia often will bring great pain and psychological burden to patients, but also because of the abuse of insomnia drugs and other aspects of the body damage. But there are many ways to relieve and treat insomnia. If the pregnant woman suffers from the trouble of insomnia for a long time, it is easy to lead to more dangerous diseases. Therefore, pregnant women once appear symptoms of insomnia should take active measures to treat it. 1, hot water bath therapy people often say: "a hot bath before going to bed, sleep at night is particularly good", this is a scientific truth. The characteristics of the hot water bath method for treatment of insomnia is the systemic peripheral vascular dilatation, in other parts of the body’s blood will flow into the expansion of blood vessels, the internal organs of the blood in the reduced blood flow to the brain is relatively less, the brain will feel tired, it is beneficial to sleep. 2, Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi therapy can promote blood circulation, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, reduce the burden on the heart, improve myocardial blood supply, improve cardiac ejection fraction, thereby enhancing cardiac function. Improve immunity, enhance physical fitness, disease prevention, treatment of disease, anti-aging. The treatment of insomnia, neurasthenia, especially on the performance for insomnia, irritability, forgetfulness, fatigue, can play a very good effect. 3, foot therapy foot therapy including hot water bath, foot bath, foot foot massage. Their role is to promote blood circulation, complete the transport of substances in the body, promote metabolism. To promote the immune function, some people say that the foot is the body’s "second heart", the foot can enhance immune function, promote the secretion of hormones, and play a role. To improve the treatment of insomnia, one should pay attention to improve the sleep environment, which is conducive to reducing the state of brain excitement. A large number of experimental data and the western countries have shown that the sleep of the mattress, soft mattress, the quality of sleep has a very important impact on the quality of. Experts also pointed out that the choice of high-quality mattresses for health sleep points, to improve the quality of sleep has a significant effect. Two, the dream is a kind of subjective experience, is a person in the sleep of the imagination of the image, sound, thinking or feeling, usually not voluntary. In this stage, the individual psychological activities will change greatly, called dream. Dream generally does not affect the quality of sleep do not have to care about, if the impact of normal work and life under the guidance of doctors to help improve sleep. Three, suggestions for insomnia women bedtime is best to avoid drinking cola, coffee, tea and other drinks, and to develop a regular living habits, to ensure adequate sleep; not overeating, must eat on time, the diet should be light of vegetables, eat less fried, spicy and fried food. Four, usually do proper physical exercise, in fact, is also a good way to regulate the promotion of sleep can not be replaced.相关的主题文章: