Prediction of the double chromosphere 16126th phase consider the number of Sohu – Blue k-boxing

Prediction of the double chromosphere 16126th phase: consider the blue number – Sohu loans 2016125 lottery results for 010608202730 + 03, and the value fell to 92 points, and the complex vibration code out of a period of about 2016126, lottery, let us first through the double chromosphere history of this tool to analyze the calendar year 126 issue of the ball rule: 126 A total of 13 lottery history period, leading only in the 2007126 period, 2015126 out of the value is too large (two in 0910, the remaining 9 ball) period leading code control in the range of 01-06 fell in 2016 126, the proposals concern hot interval again leading to fall. Take another look at performance in the past 126 Phoenix number lottery, prefix 2 award number out of 7, the remaining 4 are in the 3 period Pteris prefix number ending, 2016126 Phoenix should pay attention to 3 prefix performance award no.. In the 126 years period and the value of the falling ball: in 11 lottery neutralization value out of 66 minimum, maximum number of open 124, large amplitude, phase 2016126 recommended numerical ball in the range of 100-120. In the history of the 11 odd number of continuous phase out of a total of 3 groups form code (respectively out of 1 out of 2012126 group, 1 group, 2013126 out of 1 groups in 2009126), the other two years to 0 groups, this can eliminate the odd number continuously from may. Basketball analysis: in the year of 126 in the lottery, out of a total of 8 large numerical basketball, occupy absolute advantage, out of 2016126 basketball basic rule over 10 values, focus on small numerical counterattack. Experts predict 8+2:03,09,12,16,19,20,25,32 + 01,03 + 03 6+1:03,09,12,20,25,32相关的主题文章: