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"One hundred thousand cold jokes" + sing: "anti" singing contest! "One hundred thousand joke" animation by Yaoqi original comic DreamWorks serial comic book of the same name, animation aired, contrast with a wonderful surprise, he pinched and adorable fun Tucao by the Blitz, and even formed a scale of air that "ten cold phenomenon"; and the audience from the Lord "one hundred thousand" joke got all kinds of joy, have also used "one hundred thousand joke" in episode lines, to socialize, spread, to express the love of this animation. Now, "one hundred thousand joke" has been broadcast in the three quarter, also produced a number of versions of the episode, with thick "ten cold taste" are possessed of brainwashing of the audience, simply, and not sonorous, resounding and prolonged sound; in currently being hit "one hundred thousand joke" Pianwei – snow a song of the same, the magic of the song "integrity" boiled vegetables, cold is also widespread in many ten, even those poker-faced voice actors have also showed voice, were on the two cover song, even its two adaptation, has achieved the most "no magic, only more magic of height. So magic and fun cover, you don’t try? In September 30th to the long holiday in October 7th, "one hundred thousand cold jokes" joint "sing APP", launched the "the one hundred thousand cold jokes, ‘anti’ singing contest" activities! Sing is a free mobile phone application to social KTV, easy to use for open will be able to sing, sing songs for free; built-in reverb and echo effects, the effect is comparable to KTV, synchronous sound and perfect accompaniment, meet the general public pursuit of star popular psychology. In this activity, free of charge for you to provide the following six song "the one hundred thousand episode" cold jokes for cover: in addition to providing multiple tracks as you choose, the biggest feature of this event, is ruled out all rules and restrictions, so you want to do, and how to sing, you sing! Want to put the songs into Jazz and rock songs, B, R&? We welcome your improvisation! Singing is not in tune? That’s even better, we need you to create so many possibilities! In addition to create new styles gameplay, the game also brought gifts for the participants. We will serve as the standard to select the effective number of free flowers, flowers get maximum number of top 18 cover Master Awards: "Song Award" of the 2, can obtain "one hundred thousand" cold jokes sexy queen set a king; Advanced Award "of the 6, can obtain the river god’s" axe ".. in addition, there are" King Practice Award "of the 10, can obtain" one hundred thousand joke "beautiful surrounding ~ specifically what are the good stuff? We can sing a quiz about ~ can enjoy, and prizes to take, such as fun and highlighting the strength of competition, you still do not come in? The game will begin in September 30th 12 officially, eager for you can not miss oh! At the same time to participate in the competition, we must not forget, 15 and 30 days a month more!相关的主题文章: