North China northeast weekend cold and cold Southern severe cooling – Sohu news

Cold and cold on the weekend of northeast North South intense cooling – Sohu news, Guizhou temperature range is the biggest, the highest temperature in most areas of Guizhou on 27 to 25 DEG C, a lot of places to reach 30 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature today in most areas of Guizhou fell to 10 DEG C, parts of the cooling rate reached 20 degrees. In addition, the south of the Yangtze River and Southern China area cooling is also very obvious, the highest temperature of 27, generally less than 30 DEG C, large parts of today’s highest temperature will drop to 25 degrees Celsius, hot weather quickly subsided, "season". Tomorrow, a new cold air will affect our country from north to south. Under its influence, Inner Mongolia central, northeast South, north, Huang Huai and other places will have 4 to 6 DEG C, cooling, some areas of central Inner Mongolia, North China, northeast and other places southeast temperature can reach 8 degrees above, some of these areas and accompanied by 4 ~ 6 northerly winds. The next 10 days, the impact of cold air activity in China, the central and eastern regions of the temperature showed a downward trend, the average temperature in the northern region is lower than the same period of the year to 1 ~ 2 C. The cold air affect a wide range, the cooling is accompanied by the windy weather, to remind the public to add the weekend clothes, to prevent diseases such as influenza, and guard against wind, cool and rainy and snowy weather on transportation, agriculture and animal husbandry and city operation and other adverse effects. Yunnan local heavy rain in southern rainy month end basically ended yesterday, the cold air to the Middle Eastern brought rain and snow, with deep cold air south, north of the rain and snow will be significantly reduced, only in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, Eastern Jilin, northern Liaoning, central Hebei, central Gansu, Eastern Qinghai and other places have weak scattered snow, Qinghai Eastern and central Gansu and other places, the snow or sleet. Since late October this year, Huang Huai, JAC and other places rain frequently, especially in Jiangsu and Anhui, ferocious rain, Taihu basin and even appeared in autumn. According to statistics, October 1st -27, Jiangsu province average rainfall reached 265.2 mm, or become a meteorological records since October precipitation in Jiangsu for most of the year; Shanghai city’s average rainfall of 274.1 mm, also broke the record of extreme precipitation in October.相关的主题文章: