Net loan platform management regulations three aspect barbaric can rest

Net loan platform management regulations three aspect "barbaric" can rest – clear net lending institutions is the information intermediary rather than credit intermediaries – banned net lending institutions to carry out asset securitization business – customer funds must be made by a banking financial institution of third party deposit network loan industry barbaric growth can be laid to rest. After nearly 8 months after the introduction of the draft, the net loan industry interim management approach officially unveiled. Approved by the State Council, China Banking Regulatory Commission yesterday jointly with the Ministry of public security, network information office issued the "Interim Measures for business activity management information network lending agency" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), the information intermediary position of net loan industry, and a clear regulatory framework of central supervision departments and local governments responsible for the double. The natural person and legal borrowing limit also made provisions. Renmin University of China law school vice president Yang Dong think, P2P is the Internet financial innovation is the main and most important areas of confusion, the biggest risk is the urgent need to make rectification, illegal phenomenon is prominent, especially E rent treasure and a series of vicious incidents broke out, fully shows that this is an area that needs improvement. The introduction of the response to the social needs of the industry is expected that this will lead to a large number of platforms to exit, the industry will move toward norms. The "measures" are mainly the following: one is to clear the central and local government supervision departments responsible for double regulatory arrangements, clear the CBRC and its dispatched institutions mainly responsible for system design, net lending institutions rules and the daily behavior of local government supervision, financial supervision departments, namely around the finance office, finance the Bureau responsible for net loan institutions supervision, risk prevention and treatment institutions including filing, registration and net lending institutions. Yang Dong has commented that P2P is the innovation of financial formats, supervision must be certain innovation, any party can separate supervision, to play a multi agency regulatory power, the formation of regulatory efforts to control P2P chaos, promote the healthy development of Internet banking. In particular, the draft released at the end of 2015, the daily supervision of the main landing in the local finance office, but many point of view, due to the limitation of Finance Office of energy and strength and other issues, it is difficult to do supervision. Yin Zhentao, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and finance, said the new approach gives the CBRC more daily regulatory functions, regulatory work is not easy to fall. The two is to further clarify the net loan institution is information intermediaries rather than credit intermediary, the network lending institutions for small decentralized business model, provides a single natural person, legal person in a single platform borrowing limit is respectively 200 thousand, 1 million yuan, on multiple platforms borrowing limits respectively are 1 million, 5 million yuan. Pay attention to popular industry this limit. Insiders believe that if the strict implementation of this standard, more than 80% of the mortgage business to be suspended, the platform can only be scattered to small consumer finance business transformation. However, the current domestic credit system is not perfect, in this credit environment to carry out large-scale consumer finance business, will generate a huge risk of non-performing loans. Li Junfeng, chief financial officer of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, said yesterday that the network of small loan agency business model is to return to the essence of its inclusive finance, and the use of big data technology;相关的主题文章: