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Nanjing will pilot the insurance version of " house-for-pension scheme; "   by the end of the related products — Jiangsu windows — original title: endowment insurance version of "house-for-pension scheme" to come to Nanjing and the elderly more of a F4 Edition: Chongyang? Thanksgiving insurance version of "house-for-pension scheme", you willing to try? Information photo housing reverse mortgage endowment insurance is known as the insurance version to the housing endowment". Simply put, that is, the elderly will be mortgaged to the insurance company, the monthly access to a certain amount of pension, during which the elderly can still live in their own house. But after death, the right to dispose of the house to the insurance company. In July this year, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission announced that the elderly housing reverse mortgage endowment insurance pilot will be extended to the municipalities, provincial capitals, municipalities, and Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and part of the prefecture level city. After the news came out, many old people in Nanjing expressed interest, have to call the modern express, asked Nanjing to the housing endowment when landing? Yesterday, the modern express reporter learned from relevant departments to the latest news, the day before the three insurance companies of Nanjing City Finance Bureau, City Land Bureau, the municipal finance office, Jiangsu Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the municipal office on aging and other relevant departments and the happy life, Lee life jointly held a meeting to promote the work, Nanjing will be put forward pilot insurance version of "house-for-pension scheme", the fastest at the end of this year will be a relevant insurance products. Loss of independence husband and wife to sell the old house, moved into a nursing home to live in the area of Yuhuatai Aunt Wang 58 years old, his wife was 64 years old, the only one from India to play back. This year has played three times, in March to Malaysia and Singapore, in June to Jiuzhaigou summer, in September went to India." Aunt Wang’s retirement life colorful, people envy, but for them, this is no way to do, because at home will be sad. Most of their peers are busy helping their children with children, but we do not. Unfortunately, his son 5 years ago, before the accident, so we left the age of 27." Aunt Wang and his wife decided to take advantage of many legs to walk around and see, the old can not move it in a nursing home. "We are two months old every month to add up to retirement wages of $more than 5 thousand, enough to live, but live in nursing home is also a little worse, but also left a medical fee after the old." Recently, Aunt Wang is also concerned about the news of the nursing home, nursing home prices are not low, a bed of about 3500 yuan, to our current retirement wages, not enough. If you can not sell the house. We now live in this suite, although very old, but 66 square meters can also sell a about 1000000, should be enough to live in nursing home." The elderly house is finally help nail in the coffin of the 82 year old grandmother had lived in Ji and the street, the first half of this year has just moved to wards, Sanpailou nearby farms. Although smaller than before 20 square meters, but from the five floor to the first floor, within 500 meters there are farms, parks, more convenient. "The house lived for decades, I would not give up, but no way to climb the 5 floor does not say, there is no personal care around." The wards are looking for grandma Ji intermediary operations. Grandma’s wife is gone.相关的主题文章: