Nanchong bizarre car accident forced to stop the bus rollover car

Nanchong bizarre car accident car vacated flip forced to stop the bus site map of Nanchong News Network (reporter Xu Siqian) the evening of September 14th, who lives in Mr. Liu Ying Hua Road to Nanchong news network phone broke the news that night around 8:45 in front of the bizarre accident occurred, a Volkswagen car crashed into the fence, vacated flip, fly to the side the bus, the bus was forced to stop. Reporters learned from the traffic police department, although the accident thrilling, but did not cause casualties, the accident caused by the initial investigation of improper operation of private car drivers. The 14 day at 8:50 in the evening, the reporter received a public rebellion, immediately drove to the scene Ying Hua Nan lu. Reporters on the scene saw, despite the rain, there are still a lot of people gathered in the vicinity of the incident photographed onlookers. In the middle of the crowd, a gray Volkswagen Jetta sedan "upside down", before and after the windshield cracked, and scattered on the ground, the body with multiple deformation and on the left side of the bus. The buses will open the double flash, is to evacuate passengers. The bus driver Liu master told reporters that the Volkswagen Jetta sedan and turn left into the road with him from the pillars of Ying Hua Road, but do not know what the reason is, Volkswagen car crashed into the fence, causing the accident. "After he turned away, I left the front, when the speed is quite fast, do not know what the reason is, he suddenly hit the fence in the middle of the road, and then turn to the direction of flight, I flew over, I can only avoid, but still hit." Master Liu told reporters, after the accident, the car "upside down", but because the seat belt, the driver was not injured相关的主题文章: