Mountain gold and silver low shock breakout, crude oil to determine high shock douke

Mountain: gold and silver low shock breakout, crude oil to determine the high shock Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Gold market is not an opportunity to make money every day, there are clear and uncertain market points, there is no way to do and do not do. Only when there is a clear trend trend can not enter the market force action, when not clear, but it is best to take advantage of the gold market operation operation is better, is to buy and buy in the rising trend, the decline in selling rallies. If you want to do reverse the trend that must be the original trend from the form, scale and cycle of these three aspects to achieve a key reversal point, and to set a good stop as the premise, the market operation. The next day gold, still maintained a silver concussion, gold in the range of 1260-1255, the fluctuation is less than $5, silver is in the range of 17.60-17.40, the fluctuation is less than $0.3. The last 4 trading days are the case, to operate only to see short-term shocks, unable to make a relatively large profit. Slow down the intensity of the Asia Europe plate of crude oil, the lowest in 49.60, U.S. EIA data released, bad crude oil, a minimum refresh to 49.35, but the trend of crude oil intensity unchanged, the final midnight chronic rebound to 50.75, under 50.80 of repression, so the crude oil can only be seen as market volatility is relatively high. Today, the last trading day of this week, gold and silver to see the shock interval, but the prevention of breakthrough. Crude oil to see high shock. The next day volatility is not gold, the shock interval 1260-1255, lasted 4 days and interval concussion. Line or in the 1258 line, the basic fluctuations did not change the current basic form, to maintain the low volatility after the crash, and then make the choice of the direction of the market. From the technical side, the gold fell after continuous shock is weak shocks, are high in 1272126412621258, low order in 125512511248, the daily closing line three yin, yesterday the daily closing Yang, Yin Yang received three for the first time since, in a very weak short environment shows obvious shock strength so today continue to see gold rangebound. But short of environment, gold in 1270 without breaking strength, don’t see the breakthrough in the market, the daily Bollinger opened obviously, gold will fall will usher in a wave of market, to rise well maybe hard up. So keep the trend to wait to break the trend of low gold. Small cycle, arrangement of gold H4 close in the low cycle interval fluctuations in Bollinger Bands, unable to open interval, space is also more and more narrow. Or that sentence, the longer sideways, big market broke out more strong, when the amount of funds in the market full of gold is less, the more funds into the market, so wait for the interval to break the big market. Today, Friday to prevent inflation rose out, so expand the range of prudent operation. Specific operational reference: near the top 1265 short, near the bottom of the more than 1248. Silver market is also quite helpless, low horizontal theory相关的主题文章: