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"Mistress" do not want to divorce her husband to come and do not give up the "mistress" of contemporary life newspaper reporter Zhi   agricultural core tip "if not mistress came to the door, I was in the dark." Nanning citizens Ms. Jia told reporters about their experiences, the tone is full of anger and despair. 6 years ago, she gave birth to the cause of the family at home, now more than two children have more than two years old, her husband’s career bigger and bigger. For the year to give up their career, although she was a little regret, but looking at a family of four lives better, she also feel satisfied. It looks happy days, but all of a sudden a sudden change in the situation, to find a home to her mistress to divorce her husband, she realized that her husband has been cheating, the marriage of two people suddenly plunged into crisis. 1    angry looking strange woman forced her to divorce in the face of the reporter, Ms. Jia said that she is a sad and angry night night — in late September, Ms. Jia as usual, to the two sons of the bath, they settled after falling asleep, a man sitting in the living room waiting for her husband to return. She didn’t dare to watch TV, afraid to bother the children sleep, her usual sitting quietly, this day has become the norm. She waited until 2 in the morning, her husband Wang did not come back. Although before dinner, Wang had a phone call to say with her evening entertainment, but to this point should come back. So, Ms. Jia called her husband, but no one answered. She was a little worried, and then continue to call her husband’s phone, this time, the phone is connected, came the voice of a woman: "he will not go back tonight." Ms. Jia Yizheng, pretending to be calm to ask: "who are you? You asked my husband to answer the phone." "He won’t pick up your phone. He’s asleep." And hung up on each other. Who is that woman? What does her husband do with her? Sleepless night Ms. Jia, she felt a wave of anger burning in my chest, she wanted to get her husband to ask what happened. Ms. Jia sat all night, or did not wait for her husband, but wait for a strange woman. The woman looked haggard, but white skin and graceful figure makes her look somewhat attractive, she very seriously, Ms. Jia said: "I love him (Wang), I can’t live without him, why you don’t want to divorce him, as long as you divorce him, what do you want with me can." Listen to this words, Ms. Jia face rather baffling she has been aware of, however, her husband was out there mistress. 2    the collapse of her husband as early as 6 years ago has derailed the door mistress "forcing", let Ms. Jia almost collapsed, because she always felt that, as long as the sacrifice to take care of children and family can get a happy life, but now they pay for this result unexpectedly! She kept calling her husband’s phone, but the phone has been unable to turn on the state. Ms. Jia said that after the woman left, close to noon, her husband dragged his exhausted body back home. This time she did not come forward to meet her husband, did not greet him, but did not give him.相关的主题文章: