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Arts-and-Entertainment Michael Jackson is one solo artist that has had his hits hit the top of the pop singles charts. Several of his hits have been ranked as the most successful and have fished in large fans. He is one innovative and successful artist of all time. Here are top five singles of all time done by the artist: 1 ‘Billie Jean’ This is one of the singles that signaled and called in a lot of fans for the artist. The song was written by Michael Jackson and produced by Quincy Jones; it remains a masterpiece up to date. The song was a real life experience and inspiritation from Jackson when he was accused of fathering a baby of one of his fans, something that lived inside him for many days till when he decided to write this song. It was released in 1983 and spent seven weeks at the top pop singles chart in the same year. 2 ‘Black or White’ Black or white was released four years since the album bad produced consecutive number one singles. some artists in the music industry doubted weather Jackson would make it with the high .mercial clouts, but their doubts soon faded away when Jackson released his single ”black or white” which stayed #1 in the chart for seven consecutive weeks. The major theme or message in the song is a powerful plea for racial unity instead of racial hatred. The video is perfectly done and funs could not stop at nothing to watch the video. 3 ‘Say Say Say’ This was the second time Jackson did a collabo after he did one with the same artist-Paul McCartney in 1982 with the song ”the girl is mine”, it was true success and Jackson therefore embarked on another song-say say with the same artist in 1983.the result was even surprising than the previous song in 1982, it stayed #1 in the chart for six consecutive weeks. It also hit the market with a lot of people liking the song. I must say it was and is still a great song. 4 ‘Rocks with You’ Jackson released the rock with you single in 1979, following the smash song ‘don’ stop ’till you get enough”.jackson basically proved to the world that he was perfectly well at soul as well, the song was part of the last gap of the disco era with fans dancing to it like no bodies business. The hit attracted a large number of fans as .pared to the rest of the songs. 5 ‘Beat It’ This was the third release off the album Thriller; it basically filled in any remaining walls for the recording artist. The song featured a blistering guitar solo from rocker Eddie Van Halen, with a video that broke barriers for black recording artists MTV.Beat it was an instant performing hit that left many looking forward for more great hits from recording artist, Michael Jackson. Jackson’s hits of all time live in many today; he is one influential and much more successful artist of all time. Long live Jackson! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: