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The man holding the mother will inherit the property disputes still lead the new network – in case the speaker said the lawyer lawyer Zhang Haixia in Beijing City Qi law office lawyer, sixteen years of practice, members of the association of Beijing Contract Law Committee, Beijing Municipal Committee of labor dispute mediation mediator, adhering to the principle of easy man practical work, delicate handling, empathy, really flexible and effectively solve the legal confusion of the parties. A dispute case using late spouse seniority purchase recently caused concern, both the original defendant caused great controversy each one sticks to his own view. And this is also an endless succession of disputes. What kind of property is not considered a common property? The children of the deceased spouse can inherit the disputed property? The mother left the room to two children to bring a lawsuit to inherit the right to live in the city of Beijing, Mr. Wang did not expect to own nearly sixty years, but also his brother, sister told the court to the. Mr. Wang has a total of four brothers and sisters, he ranked second, there is also a brother. Father Wang old man died as early as more than and 10 years ago, his mother just died last year. "My mother wrote a will, leaving her house to me. After his mother’s death, for all after the funeral, I will show the will to the eldest brother and sister brother. They did not express their views, did not say no to agree to disagree, this matter has been put down. I did not expect a week ago, I suddenly received a phone call from the court, until the court to get the indictment, only to know that he was younger brother, sister to sue, they asked to inherit my mother left the house." In desperation, Mr. Wang found in the city of Beijing Qi lawyer Zhang Haixia for help. After taking over the case, Zhang asked the relevant details of the case. Mr. Wang died of illness 15 years ago did not leave any will, Mr. Wang’s wife died last year ago has since written a will, his name for the two son of Mr. Wang inherited the house. The house was purchased 10 years ago and has acquired property rights. The house is old Mr. Wang public housing units, leased by him during his lifetime, after his death, his wife by the lessee. Later, the unit housing reform, requiring individuals to purchase, the purchase of the old man’s wife, after the acquisition of property rights. "However, when my mother bought the use of her own and my father’s two years of service, a total of about $80 thousand to pay for the purchase, are delivered by my mother. After my father’s death, there was no inheritance. But he died of illness, the family savings are basically used up, he did not leave after the death of heritage." Mr. Wang said. His wife died 5 years to buy a house or common property? Zhang Haixia lawyers to develop a program of action, and cited evidence should be investigated, and the first to get a key evidence, that is, mr.. Mr. Wang was a country prefix large unit staff, but managed to find counterparts in the Department, the Department in charge of the leadership but refused to direct the lawyer investigation, claiming that their foreign housing files. Zhang lawyer was covered with a court seal tone, and patiently explain the request with. The leader finally arranged for the staff to take a lawyer to check the file. 1相关的主题文章: