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Drunk man climbed into the female colleague pipeline quarters obscene is not anti bite original title: Suining a man climbed into the female dormitory pipeline is not anti bite obscene colleagues a few days ago, a Suining man drunk climb pipes into the female colleagues in the bedroom, which was the implementation of indecency in the waist ruthless bite of female colleagues. Police according to the waist wound, successfully captured the man. Currently, the man has been under criminal detention by the police. According to reports, Dai Li (a pseudonym) is a factory workers live in a bedroom, living alone. The night of the incident, Dai Li after sleep felt someone touch my bed, looking up a shadow. Scared the Dai Li hurried call for help, the shadows stop waist was Dai Li after a bite out of a window, fled the scene. Dai Li immediately to the police. By the District Public Security Bureau police station north field visits, the Li live in a dormitory in the middle of the floor, if the suspect to enter the dormitory, most likely through the pipeline into. The unit is set up the security guard, the possibility of outsider crime is very small, the suspect is likely to be the unit, but also to live in the upstairs staff most likely Dai li. According to this clue, the police investigation with several male colleagues in the Dai Li upstairs to view at the same time, according to the waist provided was bitten by a suspect Dai Li details. Eventually, the police found a bite in a man Zhang waist wound. Zhang sneaked into the room Dai Li implementation of indecency confessed to the crime on the night. It was verified that the 32 year old Zhang is an ex convict, who attempted rape was sentenced in April this year, was released from prison, after his release, Zhang found a job, the night of the incident, Zhang drank a lot of wine from the color center, female colleagues sneaked into the bedroom, the implementation of indecency. Currently, Zhang has been under criminal detention. Source: Sichuan News Network (China Network)相关的主题文章: