Makeup can also mix Teach you a sweet little

Makeup can also mix? Trends teach you sweet little woman incarnation of mature Japan evolves rapidly, is not good practice and began to play the new tactics, whether pheromones, red eyebrow or ears blush, all day, generally is to highlight the lovely and light, but not goose lost a small woman sexy ah ~ only the Pope is in high blush, eye makeup part or in the rabbit eye makeup as the main characteristics, like eggs, sweet, PINK MAKEUP eye makeup halo range is bigger, since want to mix, so natural to slightly change the makeup, also is the focus in the next liner draw some red shadow as embellishment. The key part is the makeup lip part, mix sweet sexy lip makeup makeup department in the part of the course to vermilion based, on the basis of the sweet sexy ~ 1 STEP1 blush brush picks up blush brush in the zygomatic part; STEP2 with finger smeared evenly with a little lipstick lip primer STEP1 2 (lip brush), and lip balm, which can make the color more durable; STEP2 coated with lip balm; STEP3 the lips evenly with the brush gently with a tissue STEP4; SIP; STEP5 will be traced directly to STEP6 lip mountain; on the lips lipstick on the upper lip; STEP7 coated oil is complete!相关的主题文章: