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How Much Is Your Data Worth Online? Posted By: Robert Siciliano Cyber crime sure does pay, according to a report at Intel Security blogs.mcafee.com. There AND rsquo;s a boom in cyber stores that specialize in selling stolen data. In fact, this is getting so big that different kinds of hot data are being packaged AND mdash;kind of like going to the supermarket and seeing how different meats or cheeses are in their own separate packages. Here are some packages available on the Dark Net: Credit/debit card data Stealth bank transfer services Bank account login credentials Enterprise network login credentials Online payment service login credentials This list is not complete, either. McAfee Labs researchers did some digging and came up with some pricing. The most in-demand type of data is probably credit/debit card, continues the blogs.mcafee.com report. The price goes up when more bits of sub-data come with the stolen data, such as the victim AND rsquo;s birthdate, SSN and bank account ID number. So for instance, let AND rsquo;s take U.S. prices: Basic: $5-$8 With bank ID#: $15 With AND ldquo;fullzinfo AND rdquo; (lots more info like account password and username): $30 Prices in the U.K., Canada and Australia are higher across the board.

data breach It Is Time To Prepare For Online Sales With Magento For The Year 2016 Posted By: michelkein Magento thrives well as the best e-commerce solution to run online stores of any size and complexity. The statistics of Magento development clearly depicts it as the top used open source platform and many world-renowned companies trust and have empowered their businesses with it. The merchants attribute their sales uplift by ten to eighty percent for its features without a second spell. Further, the users report a comfortable experience. Some of the supporting features of Magento store development to handle a wide range of traffic and high performance are as follows: Mobile responsive and fits any screen size and type. The images are large and optimised for visual effects in parallax scrolling, fading, semi-transparent, blur, cloud zoom, and, etc. Beautiful transition effects. Dynamic Ajax-fueled shopping cart. Supports multiple currencies and languages. With these features, one may expect Magento e-commerce development to be in its full swing for the coming year 2016. And business persons owning a Magento store must plan accordingly to increase their conversion rate. Some of the presumed activities to be taken are mentioned below. Increase in online sales Online sales will continue to upsurge for the coming year.

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POS Software Vend Pos Software – Everything You Need To Know Posted By: Mark Wadsen Consumers today have no dearth of options when it comes to shopping, whether it is through traditional channels or online. People are increasingly expecting more in terms of value, choice and service. This new generation of consumer shopping behavior can be tapped by smart business owners by providing them the best pricing, great service, and a seamless shopping experience. It has become essential for business owners to not only deliver a unified service across the retail stores, but also a great brand experience. Business owners today cannot afford to be disconnected from technology. Otherwise, they suffer the disadvantages of an outdated point of sale system. With Vend software, business owners can upgrade to the latest technology without even having to overhaul the entire POS systems. Robust and Feature-rich POS technology Vend is the retail POS software that allows business owners to create a robust system to help them organize their sales using a PC, Mac or even an iPad running the Vend app. Vend is compatible with a majority of the existing POS hardware used by the retailers. This means that they can simply update their systems to this latest technology, without spending on expensive brand new hardware.

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POS Software Spurring The Consumer Feedback Loop With Connected Devices Posted By: Steve In a press release from earlier this year, Gartner had predicted that by the year 2018 mobile devices would account for initiating 5% of consumer services cases, registering a marginal rise of 0.02% from 2014. Research shows that most businesses lose around a whopping $83 billion owing to poor consumer services (Source: kissmetrics) in the US alone while globally, the average cost of losing a consumer is $243. It is only viable to think of automating support services as a way to lower the costs of losing a consumer and in a way contributing towards improving the revenues. Although some e-commerce enterprises already have some form of automated processes in place for providing consumer support, there is a need to streamline these support services. The implementation of data analytics, integrated applications along with other workflow-enabling processes can be one feasible option. Now, a question might arise: What possibly could lead to a business having distraught consumers, when in all probability they are doing everything in their scope to ensure high levels of consumer satisfaction?

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Web Development California How To Grow Your Restaurant Business Posted By: Peggy Hutchison Opting for our restaurant online ordering system is a great way to jumpstart sales in your food business. However, it would be lax to simply depend on the efficiency of the software that Food Online Ordering Systems offers. One of the main obstacles owners in the food business face is actually getting a majority of potential clients to make use of their online menus. Here are some of the things that you can do to grow your business and experience exponential profits after installing our online ordering system for restaurants. Maximize awareness If your potential clients do not have an inkling about your online food ordering system, then they will not be able to make any use of it! Some of the ways that you can increase the awareness of your new software is through an email list. Sending promotional emails to your already established client base informing them of your new policy of accepting online order can be a great way to boost your business. Additionally, take measures to ensure that all walk in clients are informed about the online menu ordering system.

Online Ordering for Restaurants Ril Soon To Compete With Public Oil Retailers Posted By: Chintan Shah It has been over five months that the Central Government deregulated prices of diesel in India. However, the private companies did not do much to compete against the state-run fuel retailers. It is now that the biggest private player, Reliance Industries Limited, has slowly begun to expand its activities. Government measures In October, 2014, the NDA Government took its first major step by deregulating the diesel prices. The government took this step to relax its burden over subsidies and on seeing the global scenario of decreasing crude prices. In 2010, the petrol prices were decontrolled. However, the private companies are only now focusing over expanding their business activities. Unaffected State-run companies The State-run, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) feels no threat from the private players. It is untouched by their nominal presence. Besides, it has immense faith in its loyalty programs and other initiatives to survive in the competition. From April, 2014, to January, 2015, 71 Thousand Metric Tons (TMT) of petrol was sold by Reliance Industries. It also sold 36 TMT of diesel. Compared to this, Essar sold a lot more. It sold 179.5 TMT of petrol and 209 TMT of diesel.

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credit card Ril Reopens Fuel Stations After Deregulation In Diesel Rates Posted By: Chintan Shah Reliance Industries (RIL) has begun the year on a positive note with the reopening of their fuel stations. One-fifth of its 1,400 fuel stations have been commissioned after the deregulation in diesel prices. The Union Government had announced decontrolled diesel prices in October last year,thus encouraging private enterprises to re-enter the market. By 2006, approximately 17% for diesel and 10% for petrol of the domestic retail market was dominated by RIL and Essar Oil Ltd, the only other private refiner in India. However the subsidization of sales by firms run by the state majorly affected fuel sales by private firms. In an investor presentation made after announcing its third-quarter earnings, RIL announced that 230 petrol pump outlets were already commissioned and that they plan to commission the entire network within a year. Deregulation of Fuel Prices In June 2010, the government deregulated petrol prices in a bid to cut down fuel subsidies. This resulted in Essar regaining entry into the retailing arena and selling just petrol through a majority of its 1,400 outlets. The deregulation of diesel, the most heavily consumed fuel in India, in 2014 led to private retailers entering the market once again.

Mukesh Ambani How Much Are You Really Saving With Your Credit Card? Posted By: nehasharma Banking cards make banking transactions convenient. Not only do they provide you with direct access to your funds, you easily get a lot of benefits from them. With a credit card, especially, you will get a lot of benefits along with different offers. Through these benefits and offers, you can save a lot of your funds. Here is how: Annual Maintenance Charges Normally, when you use your credit card, you will be charged a small amount as the annual maintenance charge. This fee is normally charged for the monthly processing. There are two primary differences in this type of fees: type of card and the annual expenses. Each card does have a standard fee attached to it. But, if you make certain expenses through a certain card during a year, then you may not even need to pay any annual maintenance charge. That is the best part, because most of us land up making those kinds of purchases regardless of the service. However, you must know about it in order to make use of these kinds of loopholes while applying for a credit card and save up. Cash Back Most banking institutes offer cash back options to all card holders.
Apply for credit cards Restaurant Management Software For A Centralized Pos System Posted By: Leon Nowadays, a restaurant point-of-sale (POS) software with an integrated database management system, easy functionality and reliability is readily available in the market. However, a recent survey shows that managers often get dependent on ancillary software along with the main one to cover all restaurant functions. To avoid such complexities, a restaurant owner should conduct a proper market survey for optimal cost and maximum profits. Major technical and managerial points to be considered before opting for a software program are discussed in this article. For every Food AND Beverage service provider, a program must include front desk, table reservation and Kitchen Order Token (KOT) applications. Again, whether it’s a bar, cafeteria, canteen or lavish diner, inventory management forms the most elaborative part of a restaurant management software package. Global foods AND beverage industry have shown an unprecedented growth in the past five years, followed by an increasing demand for efficient restaurant management software in the market. It has been recorded that increasing number of night clubs, discos, bars and quick service departments are now installing web based managerial system for complete check on billing and inventory.
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