Love story Pseudo love the new comic book will be published in

Love story? "Pseudo love" author of new comic will be published October "pseudo love" is a very popular cartoon works, it is not only beyond the "package" I "S girl" King "and other works, but also become the" weekly Shonen JUMP "in the history of the longest love cartoon series. The "pseudo love" author of ancient flavor Naoshi also became famous, well-known cartoonist. His new book "engraved with" will be published in the "youth JUMP GIGA" in October 20th. Ancient flavor Naoshi new "engraved with" is a 50 page short comics. In the online open the picture we can see a pair of boys and girls. The young girl with long black hair seemed to be worried, but the young man was looking back at her face. No matter how you see, there is a feeling of love, perhaps this cartoon is also like pseudo love is the same as the Department of juvenile comics. This comic will be published in the "JUMP GIGA" from October 20th onwards, like the ancient flavor straight fans must not miss oh. "Weekly Shonen JUMP" issued by the Japanese Shueisha, Japan is currently the highest circulation in comic strip magazine, Japan ranked three weekly youth comic magazine ("weekly Shonen JUMP" "weekly Shonen SUNDAY" "weekly Shonen MAGAZINE") first. The "young JUMP GIGA" is the "weekly youth JUMP", a monthly magazine comics. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: