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Liu Guoliang lecture video exposing the country ball why: "beat" Beijing Zhang Jike in Rio Olympic Games has come to an end, in the Chinese delegation of all teams in the table tennis team, as in the past is stable, won all four gold medals. Recently, a few years ago the video suddenly heat transfer in the network, it is a lecture summary of table tennis team head coach Liu Guoliang in 2013 through the Paris team tournament "". Although up to 19 minutes, but no redundancy, is a great teaching; and in this one, can be more intuitive feel Chinese table tennis long-term dominate the world of reason! Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Chen? "Zhang Jike praised Chen Qi, to constantly give personal advice" — "engagement and attention, important than the Champions" in early 2013 through the Paris trials, Xu Xin 1st, Malone second, Chen Qi third, Zhang Jike fourth. Chen Qi is already a veteran will leave. For Chen Qi’s performance, Liu Guoliang praised. Then, he borrowed a few days ago, Zhao Benshan met the head of Liu Guoliang quoted the words of Zhao Benshan praised Wang Hao was not present. Zhang Jike is a Guoping thorn, very distinct personality, in the game sometimes focus on the problem of insufficient. At that time, the team made only fourth game performance is particularly evident, too much behind catch up simply give up not to chase, let Liu Guoliang fly into a rage. Continuous praise others, is to prepare for the "beat" Zhang Jike: "Zhang Jike, you must improve the sense of responsibility, sense of responsibility is not to raise your flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum." Liu Guoliang pointed out that Zhang Jike is not playing every game to do their best, not enough to put some insignificant game, said later, "hundreds of thousands of fans to learn from you, learn what? Not just for fun, not cool, not Poser! Small waist is very! Outfit, who would like? No one likes! We like the real thing!" "If you don’t have the advantage now, you may miss the Olympics in four years! You may be one of the most miserable!" Our team is the most lacking is the champion, but the most important thing is the spirit of our team, and more severe words, so that Zhang Jike can not raise his head down. Later, Zhang Jike finally no "Deviation", the Olympic Games won one gold and one silver, Liu Guoliang at that time ", he should be a blow and a shout" played a big boost. Ma Lin Chen Qi praised the title — "exemplary conduct and nobility of character they went to London to do logistics for themselves?" In Liu Guoliang’s lecture, we found a detail — the 2012 London Olympics, Chinese then sent Zhang Jike, Malone, the Wang Hao team, but four years ago, the Olympic champion Ma Lin Chen Qi, they all went to the. What are they going to do? Logistics for the athletes. Liu Guoliang memories, opened the unknown details. They live in an apartment near the Olympic village. That is an apartment, in fact, is a Chinese restaurant in the attic. Ma Lin they take the subway every day to buy food, buy food back, a few leaders and coaches take turns cooking, changing the pattern for athletes to add meals. Because there is only a small table in the apartment, so Liu Guoliang and Zhang Jike"相关的主题文章: