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Internet-Marketing Linkedin Profile: Boosting SEO It is easy to increase Google PageRank and optimize your search engine results with some simple changes or additions to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn profiles are ranked highly in Google. Because LinkedIn allows you to publicize your personal profile for search engines, your visibility increases with a .pleted profile. Make sure your profile is public and that you have selected "full view." Replace the lengthy default URL with your name. To boost your rank even more, include this length wherever you can online. Good places are your website, social media sites and blogs-anywhere you can plug it. You can also promote links on your LinkedIn profile. You can link your blog, website or any other web address directly on your profile. Presets include "My Website," and "My Blog," but you can also customize up to 3 links. Include your name and descriptive terms to bolster SEO. What Does Google Think? What is one of the most important elements in Google’s evaluation of a website? Who else is linking to it. If other people think the content on your site is valuable, they will link to it. The more people who link to your site, the better you do. This is known as link-building. But wait. your .pany site or blog or whatever has a hundred links to it. your .petitor across town has only ten. why are they ranked higher? two words – link quality. your links are mostly from fellow members of the tom, dick and harry link-building club. Meanwhile, your .petition’s links are from highly trafficked, highly credible leaders in your industry. a large number of crap links is trumped by a smaller quantity of high value links. Linkedin has a lot of people linking to it. it gets tons of traffic. translation: it is a credible source. Therefore, if you have a link to your site in your Linkedin profile, it is a good thing. if you provide anchor text – that is, the words that are hyperlinked – it is a very good thing. the search engines look at anchor text to determine whether they should care about the link. it’s also good if the content on your site doesn’t suck, but that is for another post. Linkedin offers another bonus for links to your content. You get to tell your own story. Good, descriptive anchor text dramatically improves your links’ effectiveness. most places, you can ask for good anchor text, but you pretty much take what you can get. On Linkedin, you get to write it yourself. More on Linkedin SEO benefits in the section on the next page About the Author: 相关的主题文章: