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Entrepreneurialism The best way to learn entrepreneurship is to read the ways by which people have be.e large entrepreneurs from grass root level. The story of Mr. Andrew Carnegie is very inspiring. He changed the face of the steel industry. Before he discovered the Bessemer process the British were the toppers as far as steel industry was concerned. He used the Bessemer process to produce steel at a cheaper price and also in large quantities. So the ultimate increase in efficiency resulted his .pany in beating the British .petition. If you do not read the story of Ray Kroc then one will miss the story of the ultimate entrepreneur. He started the McDonalds the biggest food chain business that has conquered the world. He thought of long term profit rather than short term gains. And as a result we see the great entrepreneur who changed the style of business and given the world the biggest restaurant chain business. The next name that .es to mind is that of Mr.Bill Gates. He has been the dominant force in the software industry for a long time. He by his innovative methods have not only kept all the .petitors at bay but also expanded the industry. He believed that success can always be enjoyed but one should take lessons form the failures to be.e successful in future. How can we forget the founder of Walmart. The man named Sam Walton started the worlds largest retailer business and showed a new winning way, He bought materials directly from manufacturers and sold them at the lowest possible rate to capture the market. His theory worked brilliantly. These stories can be.e the backbone for budding entrepreneurs if the lessons are well learned and utilized in professional life. Unless the up.ing entrepreneurs learn the stories and take lessons from these idols it is hard to get success in practical life. These great people can be the path finders. Now these people have also shown an extraordinary thing which is sometimes one has to go beyond the .mon ways and find a new way to be.e successful. The thinking has to be positive and practical not to f.et that it has to be innovative as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: