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UnCategorized This particular reflective exercise emphasizes letting go when you breathe out. It may sound simple, but its powerful effects extent beyond "relaxing for the day". It is exceptionally useful when you need to release body tension, anxiety and to feel your cleansing breath energy flowing through out your system. It also critical to start out you day with positivism and a sense that it will be a great day. Shake off that negativism that rules most of our lives. A note of caution before we start, please consider that if you have issues with your back, place a small cushion or a rolled towel under each knee before starting the exercise. Learn About Yoga Breathing – Simple Notion, Simple Exercise, Powerful Effects – Lie on your back on a firm surface with your legs stretched out and wide apart. Rest your arms just a small way from sides with your palms up and fingers relaxed. They will probably curl up slightly. – Close your eyes, seal your lips and breathe through your nose. Notice the in breath as it swells your abdomen. Focus attention on your breath, but don’t try to control it. Just listen to it or watch it with your mind’s eye. – As you breathe in, you feel your stomach rise and imagine your breath saying the word "let". As you exhale, feel your abdomen drop down and imagine your breath saying "go". Don’t force your breath, just imagine letting go of accumulated worry or stress with each breath out. – Bring your awareness to your toes now. As a wave of relaxation starts to move up your body, feel the tension there release. Release each part of your legs in order, your feet, your ankles, calves, then your knees and finally your thighs. – Let the general wave of relaxation flow through your hips and feel it relax your stomach and buttocks. Let it slowly move up your back and feel the tension melting away into the ground. Release your worries. – Imagine your chest releasing anxiety and let your breathing be.e gentler. In turn relax fingers, hands and wrists and feel this wave of relaxation moving up your arms to your shoulders and neck. Relax your need to grip – there is no need to hold onto anything. – Let the relaxation waves reach your head and release any hard expressions. Feel release in your throat and tongue. In turn relax your lips, your chin, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, forehead and scalp. Tell your brain to relax and unwind. – Continue to breathe gently, and listen to the sound of your in and out breaths as they repeat the words "let"…"go". After relaxing for about 10 minutes, start to wiggle your fingers and toes. Stretch your arms up and overhead and give your body a long and very luxurious stretch. Roll one side and then slowly sit up. This is probably one of the best yoga breathing exercises you can learn to do and it is worthy of plenty of practice. Remember the emphasis is on letting go the out breath or exhalation. Every yoga class finishes with this very same exercise, expect they do it after a tortuous set of poses and intense work out. Our goal, as we learn about yoga breathing, is to find a place of relaxation for our mind and body where the emphasis is on the intensity of our breathing and emotional well-being. Fitness is also most important for our mind and body connection, but we can perfectly relax both by exercising our focused breathing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: