Joint Pain

Medicine Joint pain is suffered by millions of people every day. Arthritis is the most .mon of joint conditions and has many causes and cures. Some causes are very subtle, some are obvious; some cures are nothing more than harmful chemicals that cause more harm than good, others are simple and give sufferers a way out of their pain. Inflammation of the joints can be caused by many factors. Toxins, hormonal issues, microbes, genetic disposition, joint instability, psychological, dental and injuries can all affect joints and how they feel. Also, nutritional deficiencies can lead to a body that does not have the proper .ponents in which to fight off the condition. Another factor is stress. Whether emotional or physical, stress, or the gradual build up of damaging instances, can cause no end to physical problems. Because stress is so damaging to our bodies, it can actually affect the nervous system and the immune system. A weakened immune system can cause bacteria to grow and develop in areas of the body and cause joint pain. What can be done about joint pain? Most health care practitioners are taught two things: how to perform surgery and how to prescribe drugs. While both have their time and place, oftentimes these options cause more harm to the body than good. Joint pain does not exist because the body needs drugs. Drugs simply cover up the pain and dis.fort by masking the symptoms. They do not deal with the root cause. In other words, a headache does not exist because the person has an aspirin deficiency. They are stressed out, are toxic or are dehydrated. Since the root cause can be different for each person, what are some other, more all-en.passing options? The first step is to always consult with a licensed health care practitioner. Find one that does not use drugs or surgery. So what are some non-chemical remedies? Acupuncture is a great way to lessen the effect of joint pain. This treatment can help the body stop attacking its own tissues which can happen with a weakened immune system. Also aromatherapy can be used to massage swollen joints with various herbs and plant life that can reduce inflammation in the joints. These are two very soothing cures. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: