Jilin every winter rainfall Changchun one day become ice-meyou

Jilin every winter rainfall Changchun a day into the new agency in Changchun city "on 18 November, (reporter Li Yanguo) a rain in the middle part of the Northeast Chinese 18 provinces of Jilin have winter invasion. To the evening, with the decline in temperature, rainfall led to the city, the high speed of serious icing on the road, so many highways in the province closed. The coerced rain made the capital city of Jilin Changchun rare "one day become ice". Found in indoor work white-collar work, the car body is a thick layer of ice "firmly frozen, even if you scratch the ice on the front windshield, still motionless.   urban road as smooth as ice, evening peak in serious congestion. Although the speed is slow, but caused by scratching the vehicle sideslip accidents still appear constantly. Accident is also prone to the highway. On the same day at 15:30, because of the icy road does not have the traffic conditions, the traffic police department closed the car to the high-speed channel of the Changchun Longjia Airport by airport bus to send passengers. According to the Jilin high-speed traffic police news release, 15 to 18 days, Jinghagaosu, Fu Long high-speed, high-speed, Changchun beltway, Ying Dong Hui Wu high-speed and so many roads due to icy road entrance take off, otherwise Shen Ji high-speed sections limit seven above passenger car, big car, dangerous goods vehicles. Jilin provincial meteorological station chief forecaster Hu Zhongming introduced, more severe precipitation will be concentrated in 18 to 19 at night, Jilin Province, Baicheng, Songyuan, North Changchun have moderate to heavy snow, Liaoyuan, northern Tonghua, northern Yanbian, Western Changbai Mountain, Baishan protected areas and other places have turned to sleet, snow, local blizzard. After the rain, Jilin province will usher in a wave of 9 to 12 degrees Celsius above the local cooling significantly, even drop 14 degrees Celsius, officially entered the winter. (end)相关的主题文章: