Jiaxing police recently left a suicide note left home mobile phone calls overhead tinyos

Jiaxing police recently left a suicide note left home mobile phone calls overhead day before, living in Yunnan "new residents in Jiaxing Jiashan County, Mr. Chen said anxiously, his wife left two suspected suicide note left home. Mr. Chen came to the village of Jiashan town of cloud cloud rental home, the reporter saw the door reads: "if you go home, call me, the key in your sister’s" red writing, Mr. Chen said, it is written by him, is expected his wife to go home as soon as possible to contact their own. Mr. Chen and his wife are Yunnan people, have been married for 11 years, four years ago, they came to Jiashan to work, in August this year, he found a store near our home to open a grocery store, let his wife resigned from the factory to work after the shop dedicated to take care of business, he continued to work in the factory, husband and wife two small day is good. But I did not expect that, on September 18th at 8 in the evening, his wife closed shop after home, suddenly disappeared. Go to the store did not find his wife, Mr. Chen immediately rushed home and found his wife’s car parked in the downstairs, the clothes are less, but the identity card and residence booklet, and let Mr. Chen is concerned, his wife before he even didn’t take back to their mobile phone, leaving two piece of paper, write a: "I just do what you think I am not good enough, I do not want to do, you will find me in the river to see the good, I would like to leave this world." Such words. Mr. Chen said, leaving his wife before he is not and she had a big quarrel, the couple’s feelings are pretty good, as his wife in the note that she felt she was not good enough, may refer to do business and cleaning. Mr. Chen: she came into the purchase of several varieties, so I told her to get some more, the home usually health she didn’t how to engage, trash a few days she was not to throw garbage, so I said to her, she said a few times. Chen said that his wife usually prefer to chat with people online, the most recent period, he also found his wife’s cell phone bill is more powerful. Mr. Chen said, his wife called Huang Daqun, stands about 1.6 meters away, wearing a plaid shirt, black pants, used to tie a ponytail, he hoped that people know his wife whereabouts, immediately contact him, his telephone number is 15906838236, his 11 year old son and 6 year old daughter also the mother came back.相关的主题文章: