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Jiangsu industrial and commercial business platform double eleven interviews banned false promotion on November 2nd afternoon, according to the "double eleven" may appear during the online shopping commodity quality, logistics, customer service service, consumer disputes, Jiangsu province Industrial and Commercial Bureau invited suning.com, the same way network, Jingdong Shopping Mall province 15 business platform held a forum. At the same time, the province’s network trading platform shall not be single brush, not the first price and then discount and other requirements. The existence of the first price and then discount and other phenomena after the network focused promotions, often lead to consumer complaints peak. Jiangsu province Industrial and Commercial Bureau supervisor department deputy director Li Yan said that some of the problems of commodity trading network more prominent. Part of the network trading platform to expand a "do not support seven days no reason to return goods," many consumers in the promotion period, will urge consumption, within 7 days afterwards to calm down to return, but found the platform and businesses set up various restrictions on the return." First price and then discount, fictional concessions and other phenomena also exist. During the sales logistics express delivery, customer service response to the lack of a series of problems, single brush reputation, and fried promotional merchandise information and service content not consistent with the actual, absolute terms of advertising is the outstanding problems. To this end, this year Jiangsu market supervision network to carry out the special action, the modern express reporter learned that, at the end of September this year, Jiangsu investigated 539 cases of illegal online transactions, including a single brush, with reputation, trademark infringement and selling counterfeit products, total fines 14 million 820 thousand yuan. Brush up to a maximum penalty of eleven this year, double the approaching, many businesses have begun pre-sale activities in the past 200 thousand. Jiangsu provincial Trade and Industry Bureau requires the major network trading platform in accordance with the law, in particular, to strengthen self-discipline. Industry and commerce departments require network trading platform to announce the network focused on the promotion of turnover, turnover. If it is found there is a single brush, fried credit behavior, in accordance with the relevant provisions, the business sector will be ordered to stop the illegal business behavior, to eliminate the influence, also more than ten thousand yuan may be imposed a fine of two hundred thousand yuan according to the situation. At the same time, promotional activities of the period, methods and rules, but also in the site prominently published. In particular, a comprehensive combing of the recent online commodity prices, to prevent some operators to take the first price after the price reduction method of fictitious promotions, consumer fraud. Taking into account the amount of orders during the promotion, the platform also has the obligation to develop promotional activities logistics distribution contingency plans, in the case of timely delivery, in a timely manner to explain to consumers. Consumer alert in Jiangsu province and Jiangsu province Industrial and Commercial Bureau Consumer Association also issued a "double eleven" consumer alert: consumers should choose the operators of high credibility, strong security, protect their private information. Some advertising links hidden phishing sites, do not click.相关的主题文章: