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Japanese " national bread " red bean butter bread from Kimura’s house [this article comes from the public number: Yue eating Chinese public number ID:Yueshi_China] red bean bread is called Japan’s national bread. This delicate and sweet red bean paste filling bread as early as 1874, invented by a man named Kimura Yasuhama, and now the Ginza of Tokyo kimuraya is also regarded as the ancestor of red bean bread. In the beginning, the founder Kimura Yasuhama found that Japan was not required to make bread yeast, then make use of Wagashi dessert wine Steamed Buns use wine, made of wood with a unique village bakery fermented sweet flavor. And the bread stuffing into the Japanese Steamed Buns sweet fillings, so make the bread is wine red bean bread. This unique flavor of red bean bread at that time a gun and red, and even received the emperor Meiji’s love and praise. One of the Kimura family, is the red bean bread with saline eight Sakura, then this bread special tribute to the Royal family. But now, you just walk into a wooden house and you can buy it. The traditional salted cherry blossoms neutralize the sweet taste of red bean paste, which is very special to eat and wind. But there is another kind of home, the popularity even more than the royal family of red bean filling bread, that is, red bean butter bread. Japanese style red bean buns and Western bread and butter butter, it sounds like a great breakfast. But wood village home combine together, suddenly had a shocking collision. At least the first time I eat this one looks ordinary red bean bread and butter, has issued the following two exclaimed: a Scream: ah!!!! How can the fillings be so rich? How much red beans and butter do you have?! Scream two: ah!!!! Butter tastes like this with red beans! I can’t stop it! Kimura’s red bean butter bread is made of red bean made in Hokkaido ten wins area. It is not too sweet, but the red bean is clear, and it is moist enough. Butter is produced in Hokkaido, but no salt, silky, each wrapped in a red bean. Butter or red beans are very greasy, but together, one mouthful, and French buns, you will find yourself unable to stop. In short, when you go to Tokyo, remember to let yourself "stop" once. Also, the annual cherry blossom season, wood village home and more guards, is mentioned above, combination of cherry red bean bread + red bean bread and butter, a group with a limited supply of salted cherry red bean bread and butter. Ah, I can’t wait for the cherry blossom season to come. 2016 spring, summer, week, week: Valentino, the holy little dancer of the Byzantine Empire

日本的"国民面包":木村家の红豆黄油面包【本文来自公众号:悦食中国 公众号ID:Yueshi_China】红豆面包堪称是日本的国民面包。这种填塞细腻甜糯的红小豆馅面包最早在1874年,由一个名为木村安兵卫的人发明,而现在东京银座的木村屋也被视为红豆面包的始祖。最开始,创始人木村安兵卫发现日本并没有做面包必需的酵母菌,于是便利用和菓子点心“酒馒头”使用的酒种,造就了木村家面包带着独特酒酿甜香的风味。并且将面包馅改为日式馒头的甜馅,这样做出的面包就是酒种红豆面包。这样口味独特的红豆面包在当时一炮而红,甚至得到了明治天皇的喜爱和赞扬。木村家的名物之一,便是加了盐渍八重樱花的红豆面包,当时这种面包专门进贡给皇室。但现在,你只要随便走进一家木村屋,就能买到。传统的盐渍樱花中和了红豆馅的甜味,吃起来和风十足,非常特别。但木村家还有一种,人气甚至超过了专供皇室的红豆馅面包,就是红豆黄油面包。日式的红豆包和西式的面包抹黄油,听起来都是没什么了不起的普通早餐。但是木村家将两者结合到一起,忽然就产生了惊世骇俗的碰撞。至少我第一次吃这枚看起来普通的红豆黄油面包时,发出了以下两声惊叫:惊叫一:啊!!!!馅料怎么会那么丰富,红豆和黄油怎么会那么多!惊叫二:啊!!!!黄油跟红豆一起吃竟然是这样的味道!实在是停不下来!木村家的红豆黄油面包,用的是北海道十胜地区的红小豆做的酿馅,不会太甜,但红豆粒粒分明,又足够润。黄油也是产自北海道,无盐,但丝般柔滑,包裹着每一粒红豆。黄油或红豆,分别吃起来都挺腻的,但合在一起,一口一口,配着法式小圆面包,你会发现自己,停不下来。总之,去东京的时候,记得让自己“停不下来”一次。还有,每年樱花季,木村家还有更逆天的组合,就是上文所说的,樱花红豆面包+红豆黄油面包的组合,限量供应一批加了盐渍樱花的红豆黄油面包。啊啊,已经等不及樱花季的到来。 2016春夏高定周:Valentino 拜占庭国的圣少舞女相关的主题文章: