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Japanese media: Samsung ahead of the barrier is not necessarily Note7 and China new mobile phone leader U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 28, Nikkei news Beijing News reported that South Korea’s Samsung Electronics is for intelligent mobile phone Galaxy Note7 fire problem and shaken. October 27th release of the results show that in 2016 7~9 month smartphone business operating profit fell 96% over the same period last year, down to 100 billion won (about RMB 590 million), a record low. Samsung has stopped shipments of Note7, hoping to find out the cause of the damage to the brand image through a thorough investigation, but now there is a new way to stop the future of Samsung mobile phones continue to move forward. That is the rapid growth of China’s new smart phone brand "OPPO" and "vivo". China’s smart phone market leader in China’s smart phone market, the company launched a fierce competition. According to data from the U.S. survey firm IDC, from 2016 to China’s domestic smart phone sales share, OPPO to 16.2% in the top second, while vivo followed by 13.2%. Two brand market share over the same period last year was about 7%, but to actively promote the sound performance and use of the popular Korean singer as a weapon is developing rapidly. Significantly exceeded the same period last year, ranking first in the share of Millet (9.5%), but also in the current approximation of the first HUAWEI Technology (17.2%). Guangzhou electrical stores, oppo, vivo and Samsung’s mobile phone sales counter another survey shows that OPPO has ranked the first place in the recent share ranking. According to the Hongkong market research firm Counterpoint Market Research statistics, from the 7~9 market share in the month of view, OPPO to 16.6% in the first place, while vivo is also followed by a close to 16.2% in. These two brands are becoming a leader in the world’s total sales accounted for 3 of China’s smartphone market leader. In fact, until recently, there are many people in China, said that the mention of the smart phone is samsung". After 2013, Samsung once held about 2 market share, but in 2014 it was with the help of low-cost smart mobile phone millet took the throne first become fashionable for a time. The fall of 2014, with the United States Apple iPhone 6 officially landed in the Chinese mainland market, millet fell out of the top 5. After the failure to win more Chinese consumers. Samsung in India market share has been eroded Samsung in the world has been strong and the United States as the 2 Apple shows racing together bridle to bridle the sense of presence, but because of the fire accident Note7, Galaxy brand damage. Samsung said, (the impact of the accident) is expected to continue until next spring, but with the previous Chinese low-cost smart phone is different, OPPO and vivo are considered to have the advantage in the development of high price models. Three相关的主题文章: