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IPhone7 industry chain bitterness – Sohu technology apple new conference is Jinqiu science and technology circles "Spring Festival Gala", year after year to repeat, will inevitably make people fatigued, but every Chinese teachers festival, global technology professionals and the media will invariably come together, waiting for apple to dedicated team of good products and good the program for. Looking back over the past 10 years, we have witnessed the classic apple, when iPhone4 has just appeared, I was shocked, the blood on the Bay, said: they do not produce mobile phone, they are engaged in art; unfortunately, the next few conference, we could not find the feeling, for several years on apple conference, my mood are relatively heavy, is like watching the Spring Festival evening after twenty-first Century, but as Chinese not abandon the Spring Festival, the global science and technology practitioners do not want to miss an apple held a new conference, if only to Tucao, in fact, even on the single slot, slot apple is Samsung, millet than trough point high-end, moreover, the apple press conference is the bottom line: no revolution, but always to one or two small creative good. Generally speaking, the iPhone7 conference was amazing, we seem to have long been accustomed to, but also very naturally to an "inevitable" abandon expression. IPhone7 and iPhone7Plus in terms of hardware perfect, new machine adds delicate light color and matte black color, but also increase the antioxidant surface, the outer shell has the opportunity time; in addition, the Home key iPhone7 is no longer used mechanical press, upgraded to press the touch keys, the subtle innovation to break the original habits, make use of more natural and elegant, of course, ordinary consumers, especially female consumers favorite or double camera, optical image stabilization, the lens aperture increases, enhance the processing speed of 60%… They do not care about these, they only care about the new photo shoot, more suitable for drying in the circle of friends! Micro innovation behind leave no stone unturned, the power of the apple did not bring the revolution, the consumers Tucao mediocre but also reasonable thing, but in this knowledge, professional skills, large data leakage of the era, consumers also need more three-dimensional understanding of iPhone, before we talk about mobile phone, only know the final product brand. Such as NOKIA, Motorola, Samsung and so on, to the intelligent mobile phone era, we know that in addition to apple, Samsung, also know Qualcomm, TSMC, SHARP these parts suppliers, in a sense, consumer awareness of the industry chain is becoming deeper, and supplier brands were eventually selling mobile phone. IPhone6s and Plus series, Samsung chip processor is compared to TSMC chip more popular? On the other hand, this three-dimensional understanding of the industry chain, but also to help ordinary consumers in time to correct their behavior and emotions. Understand the point of the mobile phone industry should be clear that any design changes will lead to a huge upheaval in the industrial chain, especially apple, Samsung also take into account the huge capacity, so)相关的主题文章: