How will the wedding wedding menu

How will the wedding wedding menu details wedding is one of the most important rites in the wedding ceremony of life, is the key to the entire process of the wedding. However, many people have no experience for the wedding menu and wedding menu. The couple in the choice of wedding banquet menu, what secret? How will the wedding reception menu to the selection of wedding packages. Restaurants often held wedding will have homemade wedding packages, these packages according to different grades, each table from a few hundred to several thousand have. Not only the menu named auspicious dishes, arrangement is reasonable, not only from the quantity table can meet the needs of people, also considers the meat taste collocation, color collocation, collocation and other elements. Focus on benefits and good moral. If it is from the new order of their own, it is necessary to have a general budget, as far as possible when ordering in this range. Key benefits delicious, in the wedding banquet menu, first one to two appearances of the main dish, the dish must be used to pull the whole senior high grade table, and then point a dish for luck, such as Sauteed Lily Bulbs and Celery, meaning a harmonious union lasting a hundred years. Some vegetables and seasonal vegetables, soup, corn soup is good, very beautiful golden yellow, put on the table, we can enrich the color; salty soup wild mushroom soup, this soup with two green theme, important is both cheap and off grade. Hot is the wedding banquet menu highlight along the poultry meat, bean products, vegetable fungus again. But when hot, should pay attention to the following points: do not point Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork xuewang, such as cheap food. It is this kind of Lenten feast, on the table, will pull down the whole table grade; ask what dishes can be discounted, and now many restaurants and banquet are discounted, but the basic Shanghai fresh and freshwater fish is not discounted; attention to collocation, utensils should be beautiful. The wedding reception, wedding details note number 1, wedding banquet dishes: in general, the number of wedding banquet dishes are usually numbered, with eight dishes with ten dishes rich symbol, symbol of perfect in every respect to twelve dishes every month, a symbol of happiness. 2, wedding banquet seating arrangements: Wedding seats related to traditional practices Chinese, must pay attention to, so as not to neglect the guests. When booking wedding guests must clearly know the number, avoid too excessive number of people crowded and deserted, can be placed in the guest name card marked on each table for the convenience of guests find their seats, or by the person at the entrance guide seat.相关的主题文章: