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Software Microsoft Hotmail is arguably the best free web based email service that one can use. Additional features such as instant messaging, unlimited storage, file hosting services, etc have made sure that Hotmail is on par (if not superior to) other email service providers. But one significant feature that Hotmail lacks is support for POP3 or IMAP and STMP server access. Without this feature, users are unable to download mails to their desktop for offline viewing. Thankfully, Microsoft has provided support for Hotmail in the form of Microsoft Outlook. By merging Outlook and Hotmail, users will not only get to read mails when offline, but theyll also be relived of the hassle of opening up the web browser every time they wish to read their mail. The following guide will help you setup the latest version of Outlook, i.e. Microsoft Outlook 2010 to receive mails from your Hotmail account without the need to call up Hotmail support and ask for help. Please keep in mind that during the setup process, youll need an active internet connection. 1.Open Microsoft Outlook 2.Click the File tab 3.Under the Account Information Section, there will be an Add Account button. Click it. 4.A new window will pop up in which youll have to put in your name, your Hotmail address and your password in the respective areas. Then click on next. 5.At this point, you may be prompted to install Outlook Hotmail Connector. If it does show up, click Install Now 6.To begin the installation, click Run 7.Select the Software License Terms check box and click Continue 8.After the software is installed, in the Add New Account click cancel 9.Close and restart Outlook 10.Once your account has been added, you can add more accounts by clicking Add another account or you can click on Finish to end the setup process. Thats all youll need to do in order to configure your Hotmail account with Microsoft Outlook 2010. Of course, if you think that its still too complicated, or if you think you made a mistake during the configuration process, you can always call up Hotmail technical support. Their technical support experts have years of experience in providing Hotmail support and can help you out with a plethora of issues related to your account ranging from configuring your account with Outlook, to restoring forgotten passwords. They could even help you integrate your emails with your smart phone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: