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Business One of the hottest trends even in this time of crisis is travel and tourism. There is no tourism without hotels and no real hotels without a good management. An institute of hotel management is the best place to learn how to build a career in this fast growing industry. The potential is limitless and the career opportunities exceed those in many other industries. India is catching up speed in this field with numerous institutes across various cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad etc. However, you have to be careful and check a lot of important aspects before choosing an institute. The vital features to check are as follows: Infrastructure The list of hotel management institutes is huge. When you want to choose one, the first aspect you need to consider is the infrastructure. A real, highly reputed institute must offer facilities like well equipped kitchens for students and teachers to research and experiment with, bakery facilities, training restaurants, a front office laboratory in order to simulate the front office environment, large classrooms fully equipped with air conditioning systems, house keeping departments, stores and libraries. Thats not all and you have to pay attention to the finest details. Are there any demonstration kitchens? Can you find an IT centre with advanced .puters, e-learning platforms and fast inter. connections? What about restrooms for ladies and gents or recreational facilities? Educational offer What kind of courses can this institute offer? What kind of certificates, degrees and diplomas does the institute provide? Dont just accept anything, do your research because India has a lot to offer in the hotel management industry. The best institutes offer a huge variety of courses like Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management, Master of Science in Hotel Management, MBA in Hotel Management, Certificate Courses in Hotel and Catering Management, BA in Hospitality Management, International degree programmes and the list can go on for a long time. What is very important to know is the presence of international partnership. Are the courses regularly reviewed and validated through international universities like, for example University of West London or Edinburg Napier? Career perspectives The student has earned his well deserved diploma and now he or she wants to work. What are the perspectives? Well, a good diploma, from a highly reputed institute allows you to work in many profitable sectors of the economy. You can find a job in hotels, restaurants, airline catering, club management, guest houses, catering departments of banks or railways, hospital administration and catering and many other domains. Scholarship A good student will pay attention to the scholarship offered. A serious institute offers various kinds of scholarships and different types of savings, from 10% scholarship, usually for a score of 65% or more to 100% scholarship for a score of 90% or more. Attitude Hospitality industry is not a field for lazy inefficient people. It requires hard work, high quality and efficiency. You have to accept odd hours, difficult clients, sometimes even unpleasant experiences. A good institute of hotel management t aims to offer not only knowledge but also the attitudes, values and discipline required to fulfill the high standards of this industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: