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How do you turn your back on someone who kisses your child? Sohu – maternal 7.30 every morning to send Nathan to take the school bus, Lele children also woke up early every day, so every day hold happy to send Nathan, because the car is, so to advance a few minutes later on, is always good, so also saw a lot of students are waiting for the bus to the number of times many, also know a few people. There is a high grade sister, see Lele said to hug, then said Lele kids how lovely, I smiled, holding the child when she gave the child a kiss on the cheek, although I do not like the advantages but also left, kiss the face does not matter. I did not expect her to kiss the Lele’s mouth, I suddenly feel sick. Some people like their children is a good thing, but I do not like to kiss a child, after all, I am not familiar with you, although met, but also to meet at the end of a hello. Happy children encounter such a thing is not the first time, when Lele grandma is a neighbor saw me holding Lele also always want to kiss, kiss, kiss me when she will always be a little crooked, she said: how do you do ah, you can hide your kiss baby, this is what ah, love your child to parents, don’t you let me also want to kiss. So hold Le le. Know so many years, in fact, did not meet a few times, just because the people in the village feel familiar. Sometimes I really want to have children, lovely long is not necessarily good, a lot of people want to kiss you, really, I can not accept, after all, who do not know who what, if it is very familiar with people I may not have the idea, it can only meet several times to say hello in the case of I feel nauseous. Anyway, I can’t accept the kiss of the baby. Perhaps I feel good about myself, always think that their children grow well, after all, every mother will feel that their children are the most lovely. Others kiss the child, but also because they do not know whether the body is healthy, even if it is not healthy health ah. It is after all is said and done I can not accept such things, but I do not know how to refuse, always afraid of their own too directly hurt people. After all, people say is also good. It’s like your kids kiss. What attitude do you face when people kiss their children? And how to solve? I am too hypocritical?? Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: