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A fabric structures is membrane/ or fabric under priestess (tension) phase. A structural elements and sustaining system essential to maintain the tension shape. Two shape are apparent in tension fabric structures. A. Anticlastic structures with two double in conflicting curve. These types of structures form approved numerous free tension fabric forms. Example of pure tensile fabric structures. B. Synclastic structures with two double curvatures in the same direction. Example of Air supported structures. Anticlastic curves get a spacious variety of free forms but are normally made up from some basic shapes. The fabric structures form are funnel, domed vault and the hyper. The Cone – Single cone, multiples cones, fixed edge at the parameter of cone, catenary edges/ or cables edge at the parameter of the cone, variations in overall peak heights, or inverted cone (cone upside down). The Arched Vault – Parallel arches or crossed arches. The Hyper – – Two opposing high points and two opposing low points. Fabric structures give natural diffuse light but with reduced heat load. The high reflectivity of the white membrane fabric is very efficient. An very good alternative to polycarbonate or glass as a roof glazing system. Light penetrates into tensile fabric membrane with natural light and at night the artificial light provide an ambience of great appeal to many people. In day time the light transmission is typically 5% – 20%, it is just sufficient to eliminate or greatly reduce the need for artificial lighting in day time. With little or no artificial lighting a heat load is reduced. Absorption of solar energy in the fabric structures is typically 4% to 17%. With colored fabrics, in particularly dark colored fabric membranes, the absorption of heat is very high and the reradiated effect can be strong and therefore unpleasant. For this reason white should be chosen for enclosed or shade structures in tensile fabric structures application. Fabric structures offer both the roof and the cladding in one element, the tensile membrane structures provides all of this in one structural element. Therefore the structural element is important for structural appearance: – (a) Seam and Curve in the tensile fabric structures reflect tension forces hence create eye catching character. (b) Structure, lighting, fire sprinkle and other expose elements in the space .pliment each other. Some of the practical advantages of Tension Fabric Structures are: (c) low maintenance .pare to glass; (d) factory manufacture of the membrane minimizing site interruptions; (e) Membrane factory welded into single weatherproof skin eliminating expansion joints; (f) large span with more coverage; (g) Designed for rapid construction. REINFORCED FABRIC MEMBRANE TYPES Two fabric membrane types are .monly used in tension fabric structures: I PVDF/PVC Coated Polyester (Polyvinyl Dene Flouride) II PTFE Coated Fiberglass (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) I TENSILE FABRIC STRUCTURES – PVC COATED POLYESTER This material has been widely used for fabric structures for over twenty years. The material is easily handled and welded using fabric structures high frequency welders. International convention has defined four grades of fabric based on mechanical properties, weights and strengths increase up to grade IV. The project engineers usually make fabric selection after shape analysis. The grading and types depend on fabric manufacturers. There are several types of PVC fabrics classified according to surface coatings see below. The PVC coated polyester fabrics offer significant cost advantages over PTFE coated Fiberglass fabrics. The life span of a PVC coated polyester architectural fabric should exceed fifteen years. (a) Acrylic typically used where the fabric is colored. This type of fabric does not have as good properties for self cleaning or for life expectancy as .pared with PVDF or PTFE fabrics. Acrylic coated can be welded conventionally without any surface treatment. Warranty 3-5 years and for smaller structure. (b) PVDF (Polyvinyl Dene Flouride) coating This coating has excellent theoretical properties for long term clean ability and protects the PVC and polyester. All architectural fabric should be specified with ant wick base fabrics. Wicking is the problem where water creeps internally along the thread lines of the fabric leading to unsightly staining of the fabric and possible de lamination. Warranty for 7-12 years depend type and made of fabric. II TENSILE FABRIC STRUCTURES – PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) COATED FIBREGLASS PTFE is chemically inert and offers excellent self cleaning properties, fire resistance and life span life spans typically exceed twenty five years. PTFE coated Fiberglass is very expensive but is .petitive with glass. The main problem with PTFE is that it requires very careful handling during the construction phase. The installation of PTFE coated Fiberglass fabric requires much more care and more .plex detailing than the PVC coated polyester fabrics. The fabric for tension fabric structures is not wieldable with conventional high frequency equipment but uses a special iron. Particular properties of PTFE allow it to be welded and unwedded using the same machinery. This allows damaged panels to be repaired on site. How to choose Tensile Fabric Structures between PVC/Polyester and Fiberglass fabrics There are several factors that need to be considered when building a Tension Fabric Structures: 1 Budget 2 Long term project economics 3 Function 4 Fire rating 5 Lighting requirements 7 Aesthetics 4 COST CONSIDERATIONS FOR FABRIC STRUCTURES The most effective structures have the following characteristics: 1) large spans with minimum number of corners and edges which min membrane plates corners; 2) Symmetry or module; 3) Edge detailing, structural support and finishes; 4) .plex design and heavy engineering work on very difficult design. Taking Advantage Of Student Ac.modation While Staying In London By: Stam Bett – Many people who wish to visit London are unaware of the options that are open to them in terms of ac.modation. Tags: Breath New Life Into Your Enclosures By: aqeel javeed – Discount Screening Inc., specializes in the repairing and re-screening of all types of screened enclosures. 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