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Hong Kong media warmly look forward to the Olympic Games elite inbound call the patriotic enthusiasm of the people – Beijing, Beijing, August 26, 2016 Rio Olympic Games Chinese national gold medal athlete delegation to 29 days on August 27th in Hong kong. One of the highlights of the visit of the group is to have 3 non gold medal winner into the column, they are "the force of the explosion of red 100 meter backstroke runner up Fu Yuanhui, two Olympic champion and badminton champion Lin Dan, and Chinese sprinter Subing add. Many Hong Kong media give high support for the Olympic delegation visit, praised the Olympic elite will bring positive energy for Hongkong. In Hong Kong, arouse the patriotic enthusiasm of the people of Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" published an article that the Rio Olympic flame has been extinguished, but during the national team athletes obtained excellent results, showing superb skills, show the spirit, still remain president of the public mind, Hong Kong’s long-term incentive. But at the end of just a few days, the gold medalist and elite athletes came to visit Hongkong, and met with the general public and young athletes learn skills, and people from all walks of life to feel. This fully reflects the Olympic athletes and compatriots in Hong Kong, the blood is thicker than the water of the hands and feet of emotion, but also to the general public of Hongkong patriotic love Hong Kong’s silent incentive. The elite National Olympic visitors brought is not only difficult game, not just 26 glittering gold medals, but the glory for the country glory, unity of pride, never say die spirit, indomitable spirit, positive energy, confidence is more force embodied and unforgettable "". Hongkong, "Wen Wei Po" commented that the Hong Kong Olympic elite, arouse the patriotic enthusiasm of the people of Hong kong. Facts have proved that the vast majority of Hong Kong people love the country, love Hongkong, support the "one country, two systems"". The more we learn from Hong Kong elite, solidarity and cooperation, strong tenacity, realistic and innovative spirit from the elite body. Women’s volleyball gold medal for Hong Kong positive energy transfer mechanism to carry out a survey of media, the audience in Hongkong most people think the most memorable scenes of women’s volleyball gold medal. The reason is that many Chinese women’s volleyball team cry. Hongkong "Daily" commented that cry, not just for the women’s volleyball team won the gold medal and hi weep, which is affected by the number of young women who send out "women’s spirit". Later, this group of women’s volleyball players and other players will be the gold medal to Hong Kong, contact with the general public distance, where certain applause. "Ta Kung Pao" published an article said, the women’s volleyball team in the Olympic Games all the way through the clutter and show a strong spirit of convincing, it also caused the people of sympathy and admiration. The quest for gold, the heritage of the older women’s volleyball sports spirit, will carry forward the national spirit; at the same time play, hard struggle; and show solidarity, with team spirit. All this brings a profound revelation to the people of Hong Kong, to convey the exciting positive energy. No longer on the gold medal of the Olympic Games this year, there is a happy phenomenon, that is, people began to understand that no longer simply to the gold medal hero". The National Olympic gold medal athletes visiting delegation announced after the Hong Kong people feel surprise.相关的主题文章: