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The Five Mile River village of Hebei Cixian: the construction of school – Hebei Channel – people.com.cn rushing down the original title: go grassroots school? – flood reconstruction visit construction rushing down the road five in Cixian — from the simple village of river gravel paving, river gravel pile, after the collapse of the building walls…… In October 3rd, reporters once again into the river in five villages of Cixian Tao Quan Xiang, although the floods had receded, but the flood ravaged traces still everywhere. The flood destroyed the school buildings, walls, buildings reconstruction project started in August 22nd." In the five river in Southern Village, a two storey main building project is nearing completion, a dozen workers have pushed the car carrying material, some tied reinforcement, the construction site from time to time came a tinkling sound. "A total investment of more than 130 yuan, the construction area of 400 square meters, completed by the end of November this year, to ensure the completion of flood resisting schools." After the project started, the village Party branch secretary Zhao Jinwen has been accustomed to turn around the site every day. He told reporters that in order to ensure the quality and safety of the school, the county housing construction, planning and other departments on the site for a rigorous argument, and ultimately selected the distance of more than 100 meters from the river, the terrain is flat. Also pay special attention to the construction of the school and the village primary school teacher Zhao Xuerong, 55 year old teacher Zhao has taught for 30 years in the village primary school. After the flood, looked at the school was severely damaged, she quietly shed a few tears, has been looking forward to the early completion of the new school. After the fall semester, the children were assigned to a temporary teaching point, the villagers borrowed 3 idle houses." Zhao Xuerong said that the students will go to school every day to go through the construction site, a few days ago, she told the students will be moved into the new school building by the end of this year, many children are happy to jump up. Not only is the new school building by the river village at top speed, five main street in the County Department of transportation construction will soon be rebuilt, 1.2 km long Hu Cun dam has completed the exploration and design. "The reconstruction project construction standards are higher, the disaster prevention ability is stronger, the new home is not only more beautiful, but also more firm." Zhao Jinwen said emotionally, the flood is not terrible, as long as all work, the Five Mile River’s tomorrow will certainly be better! Reporter (reporter Liu Jianying) (commissioning editor Chen Siwei and Chen Rujian)相关的主题文章: