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Han Jizhou cited concern about security problems and more initiatives to strengthen the management of foreign tourists in Korea recently Jeju Island spate of several related Chinese tourists malignant violence, caused some Jeju Island residents worry and discomfort, the series of events by South Korean media reports, also caused a big discussion South Korean people visit Jeju Island for tourists Chinese policy. In order to prevent foreigners more violence, reducing the tourists on the island of uncivilized behavior, Jeju province government will intensify the management of foreign tourists, and create a safe and civilized tourism environment. Chinese tourists accounted for more than 85% of the South Korean government since 2002 to Jeju Island for visa, tariff free free international city, the visa free entry policy provides convenience for overseas tourists to visit Jeju Island, but also greatly promoted the development of Jeju Island tourism industry. According to the statistics provided by the government of Jeju, as of August this year, visit Jeju Island overseas tourists has reached 2 million 483 thousand people, including Chinese tourists 2 million 159 thousand people, foreign tourists accounted for 86.9%; since the beginning of 2014 each year, foreign tourists accounted for more than 85% of total visits, even if the effect of last year by the outbreak of respiratory syndrome in the Middle East. A visit to Jeju Island Chinese tourists reached 2 million 237 thousand people. A large number of foreign tourists to Jeju Island tourism shopping consumption, not only for the residents of the island to create a large number of employment opportunities, but also for the island’s economic development provides a greater impetus. According to South Korea’s Jeju headquarters in 2014 statistics of economic data show that in 2013 Jeju Island tourism revenue reached 3 trillion and 700 billion won (about RMB 22 billion 200 million), accounting for GDP of the island’s 14.9%, and the annual growth trend. Security issues caused concern in the booming tourism economy in Jeju Island at the same time, Jeju Island residents also suffered a happy trouble". As a result of the influx of overseas tourists, the island has broken the original comfort of the living order of the island, some tourists uncivilized behavior so that the island’s discontent. Every tourist season, Jeju City, tourist attractions and airports and other public places are crowded, traffic jam phenomenon. In the tourist gathering area will often appear red light, cross the road, littering, loud noise and other acts. In addition, the implementation of the policy of visa free entry has attracted a large number of foreign tourists, but the crime of illegal detention of personnel and foreigners is also increasing. According to data provided by the local police department in Jeju, in 2014 the number of foreign nationals detained 1450 people, in 2015 soared to 4353 people in 2016 as of August has reached 4183 people. The number of foreigners has been increasing year by year; in 2014, 333 people were in 2015, and the number of cases was as high as 393 in August, and by the end of the year of 2016, it had reached to 397. As the number of Chinese tourists to Jeju Island every year is the largest, so the Chinese people in a large proportion of foreigners. Especially in the recent conflict between Chinese tourists and restaurant owners, Chinese men in the church with a knife to kill two vicious crimes, the people of Jeju, Chinese tourists resentment increased significantly. In addition, due to the South Korean media and even a member of other countries to take a one-sided Chinese people in Jeju Island.相关的主题文章: