Guangxi people play a new place in Gold Coast, Qinzhou beach opening-9c8836

The people of Guangxi to play a new destination for Qinzhou Gold Coast beach enabled southern Qinzhou morning news (reporter Lu Wang) September 28th, Qinzhou Binhai new town of Maowei Sea bathing beach of Gold Coast officially opened. Opening day, the first batch of tourists flock to the beach. During the national day, Qinzhou city bus company will add urban area directly to the beach bus, and adjust the interval time, convenient for visitors to travel. "Wow! So beautiful!" September 28th afternoon, for the first time came to the beach in Gold Coast, the public Ms. Chan praised, and she came along with a large number of swimming enthusiasts in Qinzhou. In the afternoon, located in Jianshan town of Maowei Sea north of the island of Shajing south of Gold Coast beach officially opened. The beach area of 140 thousand square meters, only 12 kilometers from Qinzhou City, because of the sand delicate, clean and is golden and named Gold Coast beach. The South China Morning Post reporter on the scene saw the bathing room, Restroom dilute has been ready, the appearance of a rainbow, particularly rosy. Beach Parking has also been completed, an area of about 25 thousand square meters. Bathing is also equipped with the surrounding shops, lounges, camping areas, etc.. The mention of the value is that the beach also has two men of the 6 beach soccer field. In the future, the beach will focus on beach sports, entertainment and other topics to carry out a series of cultural activities. According to the tide time, it is the best time to swim in the national day after 4 p.m.. The bathing during the national day will be free. For the convenience of tourists from the city, by the Qinzhou Binhai New Town Council application, Qinzhou city bus company decided to temporarily adjust the bus line. Among them, 5 road bus station will be adjusted to Qinzhou Bay Plaza, Renmin Road, Wenfeng Road, North Bay Avenue, coastal beach, vehicles from 4 units to 7 units, the departure interval will be 25 minutes to 10 minutes. According to the staff of the beach, the opening of the beach, the end of the Qinzhou sea will not see the situation. At present, with the surrounding beach Seafood City, the two phase of the project will further improve the entrance plaza, tourist service center, bicycle Inn, car camp, indoor hall, restaurant bar sand.相关的主题文章: