Guangxi over 80 years of age can be brought to apply for an allowance-running man 20130908

Guangxi reached the age of 80 years old can receive OAA request from southern Nanning morning news (reporter Jia Jingwei) reporter recently learned from the Autonomous Region Office on aging, at present, old age allowance for the elderly over 80 years of age, the system has achieved full coverage. In other words, the Guangxi administrative region and the age of 80 years of age can receive a certain living allowance. However, the subsidy needs to meet the conditions of the elderly voluntary application. Elderly people need to apply voluntarily, according to the introduction, this year, the city of Beihai for the success of the local 80 years of age or older who got the old age allowance this benefit. This means that the issuance of the old age allowance policy in 14 districts in Guangxi to achieve full coverage. In the subsidy level, different regions according to the local actual situation in different counties (city, district) issued in accordance with not less than a standard. In the distribution process, the autonomous region to encourage local economic and social development in accordance with local, timely improve the subsidy standards. In recent years, Nanning, Hezhou two cities and some counties (autonomous regions and municipalities) has repeatedly raised the standard. Affected by some factors, some elderly people do not know can apply for the elderly, so as to miss the benefits. It is understood that, in accordance with the specific policies of cities, the elderly over the age of 80, the general need to voluntarily apply the village (neighborhood), village (neighborhood) after investigation and verification, the town government (district offices) audit, finally by the county (city or district) issued the aging Work Department approval. The database will be updated dynamically at present, I zone around the old age allowance for special account management, earmarking. At the same time, I also accelerate the area around the elderly subsidies information management, in strict accordance with the procedures and requirements of the prescribed time limit, the OAA payment related data timely, accurate and complete manner, establish and improve the information platform and the elderly elderly subsidy information database. In addition, for financial, statistical, public security and other departments to support, adhere to the dynamic management, timely and accurate grasp of the elderly to add, write off, change, etc., do not leak, good hair. The region’s 14 districts and cities of the OAA standard of Nanning 80~89 years of age: 80 years old: 150 90~99 January January January in Liuzhou for more than 100 years of age: 400 80~89 years of age: 50 years old: 100 90~99 January January January Guilin for more than 100 years of age: 300 80~89 years of age: 30 years old: 100 90~99 January January January in Wuzhou for more than 100 years of age: 200 years old 80~89 50 90~99 years of age: 80: January January January in Beihai for more than 100 years of age: 150 80~89 years of age: 50 years old: 80 90~99 January January January: 100 years old and above 200 in Hepu county were 25 yuan per month, 50 yuan, 300 yuan standard payment. Fangchenggang 80~89: 50 years old 90~99 years of age: January July相关的主题文章: