Great Names For Big Or Small

Pets I’ve been compiling a list of names for big and small dogs and puppies on my Pet Numerology website for some time now. There are a number of inspiring sources for big and small doggie names including things that are big or small and synonyms for the words big and small. Large animals are a good source of names for big dogs. Bear and Moose are big hairy mammals, and so are good names for a hairy dog. Mammoths were huge furry elephant like animals millions of years ago, and so also good names for a big hairy dog. Dino, which is sort for dinosaur, fits any big dog. From cryptozoology are the names Sasquatch and Monster, with Sasquatch being another good choice for a furry dog. Large things are also good inspiration for big dog names. Mountain, from geography, is a good choice – especially for a plumper dog. Sumo, as in the heavy Japanese Sumo Wrestlers, is another good choice for a large and plump dog. Mythology is a fantastic source of names. From Greek mythology there are Titan and Hercules, with Hercules being especially good for a strong dog. Goliath was a legendary gigantic Philistine warrior. Finally, names that mean large are always an excellent choice. These include Big, Colossal, Gargantuan, Giant, Huge, Jumbo, Large, Massive, Max, and Mega. Small animals are a good source of names for small dogs. Cub and Mouse are good for small dogs. Flea is also good, although not as flattering, especially for a really small dog. Small foods are also a good source of names for tiny dogs. Cupcake (a small cake) Muffin, or Peanut (which can also mean small) are all good choices, especially for cute dogs. Tiny mythical creatures are cute choices, including Pixie, Sprite, and Tinkerbell. These names are probably all best for girl dogs. Tings that are small are good inspiration. Kewpie, as in Kewpie doll is a cute name, especially for a girl. Electron is a good name for a small dog that is also fast. Nugget, Pebble, and Thimble are three more small things. Finally, there are a host of words that mean small including Bitty, Itsy, Itty, Dainty (best for a girl), Dinky, Little, Micro, Mini, Peewee, Petite (best for a girl), Nano, Speck, Teensy, Tiny, and Wee. Also popular is an ironic name, where you name a small dog with a big dog name, or a big dog with a small dog name. Examples of this would be a Great Dane named Tiny or a Chihuahua named Moose. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: