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Quit-Smoking There are reasons why electronic cigarette kit is popular by the day. It requires very little attention, other than what you give it during puffing. Maintenance of e-cig is not a tough or time consuming thing at all. Electronic cigarette kit consists of three or four rudimentary items, like rechargeable battery, cartridge, atomizer and charger. Some kits also have separate cartomizers to keep the wear and tear of the atomizer to the minimum, while some brands of e-cig provide attached cartomizers with the atomizers to reduce your unnecessary headache. The atomizer consists of sensors which transmit the signal of inhaling of the e-cig to the battery which then heats up the e-liquid in the cartridge to give you the nicotine vapor. The maintenance of the atomizer is done by the cartomizer. The battery is recharged with the charger as and when required. What remains is the cartridge. It is indispensable to any electronic cigarette kit as it is what contains the main fuel that keeps the device going. The processes of cleaning a cartridge includes both cleaning it once in a few weeks to keep the cartridge clean from sediments, as well as cleaning it if you want to change the flavor of the e-liquid. The liquid in electronic cigarette is finely refined and processed so that it gives you a .pletely safe experience, free from tobacco and tar and all the harmful carcinogenic materials that fill up the ordinary cigarette. However, with continuous use of the e-cig, some layer of the liquid gets settled in the corners or the inside walls which should be cleaned in a month or two to keep the cartridge going on for a really long time. The other reason why people find it necessary to clean the e-cig cartridge is that they want to change the flavor they have been vaping till now. To shift the flavor, one either needs to get a whole new cartridge, or simply take a few minutes out from the busy schedule and clean it. Methods that have been tried and tested by e-cig users all over the world require very less time and give good results as well. Cleaning of the cartridge you get in your electronic cigarette kit has many procedures. Getting rid of a flavor is not easy. And yet you can make it easy with vinegar. This process is good for getting rid of strong flavors like menthol or mango. Boil the cartridge for five to seven minutes in two cups of water with a teaspoon full of vinegar in it. This will get rid of the flavor, as vinegar is good for removal of strong tastes. Then wash the cartridge in plain hot water, as vinegar leaves its own smell and by boiling the cartridge in plain hot water, you will get rid of it as well. After this, dry the cartridge with a blow-dryer and keep it in the open for a few hours so that the remaining moisture is soaked by the air and you can use it without any trouble. There are other methods to get rid of unwanted flavor from your electronic cigarette as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: