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SEO Today, in this post, well discuss the top benefits of link building in the process of search engine optimization. A Lithe History about Link building: Most Internet users are unaware of this fact but links are the basic foundation blocks of the Internet. In their earlier days, all the web pages use to function on links only. Ever wondered what ‘http’ means in the address bar? Well, that is ‘hyper text transfer protocol’ and the ‘hyper text’ of this http means the links. Any document on the Internet is distinguished by the links. The General Benefits of Link building Process: First and foremost, links are the means to simply navigate between different documents present on any website. However, along with just routine site navigation, link building is crucial in increasing the usability of your websites data quality and information. How this is done? In an easy, non-technical language, links are used to link the words within the data/information/articles/writings and even extend like a tree with the other important documents such as the resources, the definitions, the interest items and alike, without disturbing the rhythm of the actual originating concept. So, simply put link building makes your website more usable and informational, which in turn makes the Internet more usable and informational. Link building can create direct traffic for your website better than any other mean. Lets try and understand this as a 9 year old. Most Internet users are not afraid of clicking and following the links that are on their favorite websites. So when your links are on those popular websites that most people trust and value, there are every chance of you getting better click through rates and unique daily user numbers. Internet users are likely to trust your website more when they are directed to it through another website that they already trust, know and like. Taking an example of Yahoo! Lets say you manage to have Yahoo! display your link on their website. Now, just imagine the visibility that this gives you. Literally hundreds and thousands of users might come to your website and a significant percentage of them are likely to stick because they were directed by Yahoo! Search engine optimization is important for any professional website in todays world and link building is one of the better ways of securing high Search engine ranking. Major search engines take every link as a vote of confidence. So the more links different websites have for your site, the more popular and reliable your website is considered. Link building also helps in summarizing your websites content in one or two simple and easy sentences, at times, even a few words. This is easy, quick and convenient for both the website owners and the users. Link building helps establish your website in the social networking communities that have mushroomed on the Internet today. It is both important and profitable from your websites popularity viewpoint if these social networking sites flash your websites links. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: