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Fuzhou affected by the Typhoon over next week the weather improved cold air south Fuzhou evening news September 18th (reporter Mao Xiaochun Qiu Quansheng) typhoon "malakas" peripheral circulation yesterday afternoon brings different intensity precipitation to the rest of Fuzhou, today the basic end of the typhoon, cloudy weather in Fuzhou. Next week, the cold air will appear on the stage in Fuzhou weather, sunny weather at the same time, sooner or later the temperature will gradually decline to 20 degrees Celsius, the body feels some coolness. Last night to this morning is the time the nearest distance malakas "typhoon in coastal area of Fujian Province, but due to the typhoon seven wind circle radius of 320 km, so yesterday afternoon has influence to our city. On the morning of 17 Rongcheng experienced the blue sky, sunny afternoon sunny weather, typhoon circulation began to sweep across Fuzhou, has appeared in precipitation, but heavy rainfall throughout the precipitation in the range is not big, a few millimeters to 10 mm. Today, the typhoon will turn to the Northeast in the eastern coastal waters of Zhejiang, gradually close to the coast of japan. With the end of the typhoon, the weather turned cloudy in Fuzhou. The meteorological department warned that the future impact of a few cold air will gradually clear. Monitoring shows that the current cold air active in the north, and began to gradually spread south. The next 3 days, cloudy weather in Rongcheng, the lowest temperature will drop every day. Is expected to 21 to 23, there will be a cold air southward impact of Fujian, when the province’s weather dominated by cloudy, but the temperature decreased, the province of the west, the northern part of the city will have cold autumn weather. According to the reporter, yesterday morning, organized flood proof, meteorology, marine, maritime and other departments, in consultation with the development trend of the sixteenth typhoon "malakas" and the impact on our province, and issued an emergency notice requirements, Fuzhou, Pingtan, Ningde coastal sites and tourist attractions immediately shut down and shut down, the ferry immediately suspended.相关的主题文章: