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Fu Haifeng is playing badminton in the Guangdong men’s basketball team to help Marbury ridicule revenge Legal Evening News (reporter Zhang Kunlong) all the way in the basketball court of the Beijing team of foreign aid Marbury [micro-blog], and badminton Olympic champion Fu Haifeng PK [micro-blog] can only show the white feather. Yesterday, habayashi hegemony 2015 Red Bull City badminton tournament held in Beijing opening ceremony, the national badminton team head coach Li Yongbo, Indonesia badminton champion Toufik [micro-blog] many attended the campaign for badminton players. But at the event, an amateur stole the limelight, and he was the MVP who just won CBA[finals in Marbury. Halfway to the scene of Marbury appeared to attract the attention of the media, the scene host Zhang Bin [micro-blog] immediately invited him to the stage for interaction. Although the old horse repeatedly said that he had played badminton, but compared with the Olympic champion Fu Haifeng, the horse’s point badminton technology can be ignored, and soon defeated. After winning, Fu Haifeng from Guangdong also jokingly said, he’s really not letting this go "to avenge his hometown team Guangdong team". According to the arrangement, this year’s Red Bull City badminton game will start registration in April 1st, April 25th ignited the flames of war, all the Games ended in July. The championship team will be under the leadership of Fu Haifeng in Indonesia in mid August to Jakarta for the 2015 Badminton World Championships kick-off, and Toufik led the Indonesian top amateur club league in a friendly match.

傅海峰打羽毛球轻取马布里 调侃帮广东男篮报仇   法制晚报讯(记者 张昆龙)在篮球赛场上所向披靡的北京男篮外援马布里[微博],和奥运冠军傅海峰PK羽毛球[微博]就只能甘拜下风了。   昨天,“羽林争霸”2015红牛城市羽毛球赛在北京举行开赛启动仪式,国家羽毛球队总教练李永波、印尼羽毛球名将陶菲克[微博]等众多羽毛球大腕一同出席为活动造势。不过在活动现场,一位外行却抢了内行的风头,他就是刚刚夺得CBA[微博]总决赛MVP的马布里。   半途来到现场的马布里一出现就吸引了媒体的关注,现场主持人张斌[微博]随即邀请他上台进行互动。虽然老马一再表示自己打过羽毛球,但和奥运冠军傅海峰比起来,老马的那点羽毛球技术完全可以忽略不计,很快就败下阵来。   取胜之后,来自广东的傅海峰还“不依不饶”,开玩笑地表示要替家乡球队广东男篮“报仇”。   根据安排,今年的红牛城市羽毛球赛将于4月1日启动报名,4月25日点燃战火,全部比赛于7月结束。获得总冠军的队伍将在傅海峰的带领下于8月中旬前往印尼雅加达,为2015羽毛球世锦赛开球,并与陶菲克率领的印尼顶尖业余俱乐部联赛冠军进行一场友谊赛。相关的主题文章: