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Foreign media: why Asian Americans become invisible man? – Beijing, Beijing, September 13, United Press News quoted the "the Atlantic weekly" (The Atlantic) 12, the article said, in the life of the Asian groups, although from different countries, knowledge of many languages, and in the United States voters in the proportion increased year by year, but in American Politics, most of the groups become "invisible man". The article says, like other groups of voters in the US election, "Asian" is a hidden its diversity label, perhaps compared to the term "Hispanic" hidden cultural diversity, better than ever before. They also often have an impact on American Liberalism: most people think they are independent, non ideological, and very successful in the economy. Perhaps they are the voters, but they are not to be regarded as widely influence party groups, although there are many outstanding Asian leaders to win the election, in key government positions. For a long time, few groups have the least say, but this year’s presidential election has focused on marginalized groups, such as Latino, black, or gay. Analysts pointed out that, in the interest of ethnic minority voters in the upsurge of Asian American voters in the United States did not occupy an important position in the political map? On the face of it, the answer can be obtained from a simple math problem. In the electorate, the proportion of Asians is very small, in 2016 the Pugh Research Center (Pew) data show that the proportion of Asian voters accounted for only 4%. Black and Hispanic groups and groups accounted for 12%. But this situation is changing: a Pugh poll results show that voters is the fastest growing Asian population, from 2000 to 2010, the increase in the number of Asian groups compared to other groups, the growth rate 4 times faster. Hilary will focus on Hispanic voters in the election, I hope they can put her on the throne. However, Asian countries also play an important role in some swing states, with the potential to subvert the ballot. For example, in North Carolina (North Carolina), from 2006 to 2014, the number of Asian registered voters increased by 130%. The article thinks, to be sure, the cause of Asian voters is "invisible", unlike the United States Hispanic and African American population, Asian voters recently gained attention in power. But there are deeper reasons. May be because of Asian is among the best in the class is known, but as the political website Define American President Joseph Antonio Vargas (Jose Antonio Vargas) said: "the mainstream media is usually called the Asian" model minority "in between the lines, in the economic and social aspects have been missed a lot of people." Few politicians and analysts are able to gain a deeper understanding of the problems of Asian minority groups, as Li Enshu, director of the Civic Engagement Fund.相关的主题文章: