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Arts-and-Entertainment Hollywood producer Gary Goldstein has been behind some extraordinary successes in cinema, with films such as Pretty Woman, Under Siege and The Mothman Prophecies receiving numerous Academy Award nominations, Peoples Choice Awards, a Golden Globe and other awards. Critical success has been matched by outsized (Billion dollar) box office returns. Garys expertise and enthusiasm ranges from philanthropy, to being a speaker, author and consultant, and as a go to person for the Hollywood A list. Film Industry Network brings you an insight into Garys successful mindset. IN CONVERSATION WITH GARY GOLDSTEIN How did you get your first feature made? Every problem or obstacle is merely an opportunity in disguise, and that was certainly true when the WGA (Writers Guild of America) went on strike in 1988. That strike lasted the better part of a year, inflicted grievous harm economic and otherwise not only on the Hollywood production communities of film and television, but on the economies of Los Angeles and California. During that time, most everyone was in the grip of fear, not able to work, not able to generate income or move their projects forward. No one was buying, the studios and networks simply shut down all production. I saw an opportunity to shift gears and produce a low-budget indie film. At the time, I had my own literary management company representing writers and directors. So I called one of my writer clients and asked him if he wanted to direct his first film. We dusted off an older low-budget script of his, I went out and raised enough to cover a very modest budget (approximately $200k) and I became the films producer. We prepped, cast, crewed, shot and post-produced that film in exactly four weeks. We had an internal deadline, because that client, J.F. Lawton a complete unknown at the time and I were accepted to Sundances production lab with a script then-titled 3000. That script later got produced and released as Pretty Woman. So the moral of the story is simple. Take action, do your passion, believe in yourself and whats possible. That little indie Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death jump-started my producing career and Ive never looked back. Today, with all the technology and options available to us, anyone can make a short or feature film if theyre truly committed. For full Article visit : .garywgoldstein../blog/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: