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Science If you like the idea of owning an exotic pet and have a fascination for lizards or ants, with exotic pet shops all over the internet, you can easily find these pets and all the apparatus and ingredients that you would need to care for them. While caring for these animals may not be a piece of cake, but with proper care and perseverance, you can ensure that youd be able to have an everlasting bond with your pet. If you are planning on having any such exotic pets, you must have a good idea about their behavior in the wild and their food habits. It is also necessary that you understand the species well enough to avoid any danger. One of the most sought after lizards in the world is the yellow spotted lizard. These beautiful reptiles are native to the North American continent and are popularly found in the area from Texas to central Mexico and have two subspecies. These lizards are nocturnal in nature and can grow up to 5. These beautiful lizards can be distinguished by the yellow spots on the black skin. However, you should remember Yellow spotted lizard facts that they are carnivores and have razor sharp teeth with a milky tongue. Whereas it is .monly believed that these creatures are poisonous and can kill humans, however, studies show that these lizards are in fact, quite harmless, apart from a few nicks and cuts from its teeth. These lizards prefer temperatures between 71-86 degrees Fahrenheit and a moisture content ranging from 70-85%. These lizards spend almost all their time in micro habitats like rotten logs, forest floors or even under small crevices and underneath rocks. The food of this reptile is generally smaller insects like ants, spiders, flies, scorpions and centipedes; and amongst vegetation are cactus thorns or even the shells of sunflower seeds. Before you buy this lizard as a pet, you must ensure that you have the necessary knowledge of how to handle these creatures as they can get frightened and self-defensive and may bite. If you are planning on having an ant farm either for educational purposes or even for teaching your kids to care for animals; however insignificant they may seem; there are a few things that you must keep in mind. Ants are social creatures and they live in huge colonies, in a eusocial .munity where each ant has a specified role to play and a highly impressive labor system. With efficient .munication, these can be the perfect pets if you want to teach your kids the value of hard work and dedication. Caring for an ant farm is not difficult; ants eat almost anything from seeds to fungus as well as other vegetation. Some ants, like leaf cutters require lots of vegetation and also some other insects as form of protein. Ants generally .e in a farm that can be made of either sand or gel for easy viewing. Ant farms are great for educational purposes as well as for decoration and do not take much fussing over. Choosing a pet means a lot of dedication and care; so choose carefully. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: