Don’t be a highly educated Barbarian pppd-175

Don’t be a high degree of savage human low Feng Xuerong people. Guangzhou chronicle a grade A office building, large office, two senior female white-collar chat, she said I have a secret, is to get from what people there, on what day can real boy, also has some ancillary herbs, eat the boy heard the very soul, either you come to my house, I let my mother find out, you have to copy. Low two people chronicle of a law firm in Shenzhen, told the director Commissioner from Japanese travel to this collective activity plan was unanimously opposed to the majority of the partners, lawyers and paralegals, everyone said do not forget national humiliation, absolutely not to go to Japan this year, would rather not to move, do not go to japan. Later, the director of the program: this year to moscow. We have no opinion. The low three Shanghai chronicle, master of economics, Mr. Chen to see this news in the circle of friends: "Samsung mobile phone function will map the Huangyan islands to Philippines, Mr. Chen after reading without verification, forwarded to the friends group, and attach a: please do not use samsung! The second day he was in the group to speak: I turn that yesterday was a rumor, really feel shy. The low four Hangzhou chronicle, a university graduate students 30 years living in Australia during the party, Lee commented: China’s economic situation is not good for you, the best buy dollars at home, just in case. I stood on the spot, expressed dissatisfaction: "Lao Li is not in Australia you stay too long, forget that they are Chinese? How can you ruin your motherland?" The low five Tianjin chronicle, Chinese graduate school teacher forwarded circle of friends: great conspiracy! The XX consortium is the real black China crash behind the scenes, the plot was to bring down the country’s economy for American people, my heart is not dead, we must always remain vigilant! Down with American imperialism! Don’t buy American goods! Agreed to turn, do not turn not chinese! The low chronicle six Changsha, College English teachers master a forwarding: modern quantum mechanics has proved that the existence of another universe! Quantum mechanics and Buddhism corroborate! XXX, an American expert on anesthesia, has proved by experiments that the soul is not destroyed after death! Amitabha! Low of seven people in Guangzhou Pearl River New Town in an upscale seafood restaurant, rich dinner, eat shark’s fin, bird’s nest drink, the rich education from undergraduate to master has, at about the price of Cordyceps sinensis, and the practice of "nourishing" effect, it has been suggested that the monkey brain "fill", should take the opportunity to try. The marriage between the two low eight Guangdong chronicle, Foshan, both parents are a technical college teacher, please choose their "expert", the man’s parents said at the beginning of July eight Geely, the woman’s parents said at the beginning of July ten Geely, the two sides deadlocked, because this matter is very unpleasant, in the cold war. The nine Xiamen chronicle low a company manager, a postgraduate degree, see the circle of friends to read some famous historical scholars wrote about the article put forward the reflection, the history and the Qing Dynasty Scholars: on the change, some of the responsibility. The company executives said that after reading, historians fly into a rage, conscience.相关的主题文章: