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UnCategorized Regular dentistry is referred to resolve painful and .plex problems regarding oral cavity whereas, cosmetic dentistry is referred to enhance the looks of our teeth by Cosmo techniques. When we .e across .mon problems with our teeth, which include their proper cleaning or filling of cavity then our first priority is a general dentist. In general dentistry the doctor is given the proper lessons of training program which involves cavity filling, removal of root canals and repairing of tooth. On the other hand, smile is the most precious ornament of a person’s appearance. It not only enhances the beauty of a person but also polishes his personality. Thus, cosmetic dentistry refers to the enhancement of beauty of our smile by making it attractive using specific dentistry techniques. Thus, there is a huge difference between regular and cosmetic dentistry. The most .mon problem regarding teeth faced by the majority of population is the hollowing of cavity. A well trained regular dentist can handle such cases with ease as they have been fully trained to remove the damaged enamel covering and tissues of the bad tooth. The next step is to clean that particular area and fill the cavity. Another .plex issue which can be dealt easily by a well prepared regular dentist is fixing a broken tooth or repairing the lost filling by a tooth cap. Hence it can be summarized that a regular dentist is visited to resolve severe painful conditions of teeth. When we throw light on cosmetic dentistry we .e across the fact that people do not visit a dentist for the sake of mere treatment of teeth issues but to enhance the damaged looks of their teeth and gums. This kind of dentistry known as cosmetic dentistry is the most interesting part of medical field. Cosmetic dentistry is most famous for its teeth whitening. Certain drinks, smoking habits and improper regular cleaning of teeth can cause yellowing in them. This problem can be cured by a cosmetic dentist using laser treatments which not only whitens the teeth but protects them from attaining other stains of colors. Besides that cosmetic dentistry also includes repairing of cracked or chipped teeth and fills the gaps between them without making it artificial. It also includes proper balance of teeth by using braces. Thus, it can be concluded that cosmetic dentistry and regular dentistry in spite of being totally different from each other, are a vital part of our daily lives. It can be summed up that regular dentistry deals with the functionality basis of teeth while cosmetic dentistry deals with methods to enhance the beauty of the teeth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: