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Diesel car PK gasoline car who do you prefer? Why did not the diesel car market – Sohu cars are said to be good diesel vehicles, in the end fortunately? Many people still remain in the past, the past mention of a diesel car, and people will equate these words: noise, pollution, heavy smoke…… Like a tractor, like a big black smoke, so in the eyes of most people, the family car is a very low choice of diesel engines. But in America and Europe, diesel is actually both environmental protection and energy saving of the first choice, but the use of diesel in Chinese is great, agriculture is a large part of the diesel, but has not become the mainstream of domestic car market. PK: gasoline engine: two machine mixed gas is ignited, burning, and a burst of energy, so in a certain period of time can be repeated cycle, with the circulation work more to high power output, therefore small size lightweight, can have higher performance and faster response speed. Wide speed range can bring better control feeling. But the gasoline engine compression ratio is only half of the diesel engine, power stroke temperature and cylinder pressure than the diesel engine is much lower, so the thermal efficiency is relatively low, which is commonly known as the "cost of oil". There are high speed gasoline engine, generally can reach 7000 rpm, easy to start, low noise, but more auxiliary electrical equipment, maintenance is more complex. Diesel fuel is injected into the combustion, take some time, so is suitable for low speed make full combustion of fuel to bring large torque, and in order to fight in the cylinder of high pressure and large torque, diesel engine cylinder and piston rod parts than gasoline engine gasoline engine is strong, so the more cumbersome. We know that the volatilization of gasoline is easier than diesel, so diesel ignition than gasoline, the use of the characteristics of the diesel engine is the use of high-pressure nozzle will be directly injected into the cylinder of diesel atomization, then compressed to detonation point, so there is no need of a spark plug. It has the advantages of simple structure, high reliability, low fuel consumption, good fuel economy, car racing and usually use gasoline engines, buses, trucks and other large vehicles. Modern diesel engines more environmentally friendly, but the disadvantage is low speed (4000 rpm to 5000 rpm), noise (with a small high speed diesel engine has been solved in the car), the use of low-grade diesel or maintenance is not easy at the time of black smoke. Why diesel cars are not popular in China? 1, the ability to China manufacturing of diesel engine, compared with Japan and Germany, the gap is still very large, although some people would say by the introduction of technology joint venture, but the technology was introduced to China, domestic fuel quality is not in a fast time to meet the 2 national policy, the European side of the diesel standard limit, in some places, people bought a diesel passenger car is not on the card to 3, diesel oil is an important national economic aid to use too much, amount is too large, widely used in large machines, can use diesel passenger cars is not sufficient. In the end, the diesel engine is better than the gasoline vehicle, because the diesel engine is more efficient and economical相关的主题文章: